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Q+A Shania Twain

The five-time Grammy Award--winning singer will play at halftime
of the Super Bowl.

SI: You've already done a Lifetime Television Intimate Portrait
today. Do you have strength left to do an interview with SI?

Twain: Of course, no problem.

SI: You're a vegetarian. Does it bother you that so many American
men will be scarfing down burgers while you perform?

Twain: (laughs) Not at all. I've had my share of burgers for a

SI: Did you know that a NASCAR driver [Tim Fedewa] nicknamed his
car Shania?

Twain: I did not know that. I hope he's still alive.

SI: Do you consider yourself athletic?

Twain: Yeah! I'm a sporty person. I was a tomboy, and I just love
sports. I ride horses. I like throwing hoops.

SI: Throwing hoops?

Twain: I meant shooting hoops.

SI: What do you know about the Super Bowl's history?

Twain: I don't know much. I'm Canadian. I can tell you more about

SI: You grew up in Timmins, Ontario. You must be a Maple Leafs

Twain: When I was a kid, for some reason I was for the Montreal
Canadiens. I love the Leafs, too. Both teams to me are the
history of hockey.

SI: In 2000 you were second in FHM's sexiest women poll. In 2001
you were 24th. Last year, 37th. What's up?

Twain: There must be some really hot-looking babes coming out
this year.

SI: Is the idea of singing in front of a billion viewers

Twain: Not at all. When you're on stage it's more immediate than
that. You're in your environment and not necessarily thinking
about TV. It's more personal.

SI: After you visited the Oilers' dressing room on Nov. 23, they
won eight of nine games. Coincidence?

Twain: You never know. I could be a good-luck charm.

SI: You're about to become the first female artist with three
10-million-selling albums and you've been on the covers of Time,
People and Rolling Stone. In your career highlights, where does
this interview rank?

Twain: (laughs) Aren't you the one who told me I was Number 37 on
the sexiest list? This is somewhere around there. --R.D.

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COLOR PHOTO: RENA DURHAM/ZUMA PRESS, INC. Oilers' good-luck charm?