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Sign Boy After a one-year hiatus, the bungling FootJoy pitchman played by Matt Griesser is back on the air

SI: Was Sign Boy's "retirement" just a Michael Jordan rip-off?

SB: There are a lot of similarities, yeah. I didn't want to
perform past my peak. I wanted to go out on a certain level, but
I realized I still have too much to give. It was time for a

SI: What did the man behind Sign Boy do during his exile?

SB: I did a couple of ads for Best Buy. Also I'm Peter Jacobsen's
sidekick on his Golf Channel show, Plugged In.

SI: Surely you must pine to take your talents to Hollywood.

SB: Being on CSI would be a dream role. You can be offed in the
first two minutes, then just lie there and play dead--which I can

SI: You were treated like a bona fide celebrity last week,
replacing Randy Johnson in the Bob Hope pro-am. How did that

SB: A tournament official told me that Randy had to leave on
Saturday to pick up his Cy Young Award in New York and asked if I
wanted to fill in. There are a lot of physical similarities
between Randy and me. The python arms, the intimidation factor,
the height--yeah, it's all there.

SI: Will we see Sign Boy between the ropes at another Tour event?

SB: There's a strong rumor Sign Boy will carry the sign board for
Jacobsen's group this Saturday at Pebble Beach. But don't tell

SI: Do you have an effect on the players you stalk?

SB: We shot a commercial with Ernie Els [this off-season]. I had
a heart-to-heart with him before the shoot and said, "Look, if
you're going to have FJ on the side of your hat, you have to
deliver." It's been a blast to see the kind of start Ernie has
had this year ... with my help.

SI: Who wins a hot-dog-eating contest between Sign Boy and Tim

SB: It would depend on the condiments. If there's sauerkraut,
Lumpy can take me.

SI: Getting back to your Hollywood dreams--any fear that Matt
Griesser will be typecast as Sign Boy?

SB: I'd take that as a compliment. When I started out as an
actor, I was working toward any recognition. That's what gives
you longevity in this business.

SI: Like Charmin's Mr. Whipple?

SB: Oh, come on! Mr. Whipple didn't have the range that Sign Boy
has. All he did was squeeze toilet paper. He didn't have what
Sign Boy has--machismo.

COLOR PHOTO: BOB MARTIN VIEWERS BEWARE Sign Boy's ad campaign returns this week at PebbleBeach.