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February 17, 2003 Table Of Contents

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Scorecard Extra

A Striking Pair America's futbol future rests at the feet of unlikely partners Landon Donovan and Clint Mathis

By Grant Wahl

Tony's Town The new man in the dugout at San Diego State is the city's most familiar major league face

By Kelli Anderson

King of Chance The man behind those big-money make-a-shot promotions is a card sharp who knows his odds

By Albert Chen

Wrong Answer A new biography argues, dubiously, that Allen Iverson is a "heroic moral exemplar" among today's athletes

By Charles Hirshberg

Si Adventure

"A Wall Of Snow And Then Blackness..." In an instant a wilderness ski trip became a nightmare as British Columbia's second fatal avalanche in 12 days claimed seven young lives

By George Dohrmann

Deep Freezing With ice water in her veins, famed ultraswimmer Lynne Cox took the plunge near Antarctica

By Kelli Anderson

How She Trained Before hitting the water, this swimmer frequently hit the weight room

By Andrea Woo

Indoor Adventure At the Sundance Film Festival, documentaries about two fallen 'boarders looked to get airborne

By Kelvin C. Bias

Livin' It For one sailing team, a Jules Verne legend came to life

By Franz Lidz

What It Takes A 1,100-mile Alaskan trek demands light gear and 15,000 calories a day

By Dimity McDowell

Higher, Faster, Louder

By Austin Murphy

Fear and Clothing in Atlanta The conspicuous consumption in Atlanta was so over-the-top that it would've made Caligula do a spit-take.

By Steve Rushin

Golf Plus

Branded When the dreaded word sandbagger is attached to your name during the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, your number's up

By Alan Shipnuck

The Week

Big Play Davis Love III played brilliantly at Pebble Beach, but he probably wouldn't have won without the luckiest bounce I've seen on Tour in almost 20 years

By Mike Perpich

Catching Up With...

Sam McDowell, Pitcher MAY 30, 1966

By Jeff Pearlman

Pro Basketball

Going out in Style

As Michael Jordan's 40th birthday approached, the NBA's finest turned out in Atlanta to celebrate his myriad achievements (and to squeeze in an All-Star Game)

By Jack McCallum

Rare Forty-tude These five stars have played long enough to leave lasting legacies but stayed strong enough, as they faced the Big Four-O, to perform at a level that still approaches their top form

By David Sabino


When All Hull Breaks Loose Hey, if you can score 700 goals, you can say anything you want

By Nicholas J. Cotsonika; Brett Hull

College Basketball

Wild Cards Spurred by the frenzied play of guard Reece Gaines and the coaching of Rick Pitino, the Louisville Cardinals are the nation's hottest team


The USOC: Just Fix It Racked yet again by scandal and infighting, the U.S. Olympic leadership needs a complete overhaul and a new boss. Here's SI's plan

By Tim Layden


Brave New World Mike Hampton, whose career fell to pieces in Colorado, began the reconstruction last week with Atlanta's pitching guru, Leo azzone

By Tom Verducci

Under the Microscope Keep a close eye on these pitchers this spring. Their managers will

By Daniel G. Habib


It All Starts Here Hatched in New Jersey decades ago by irascible genius Pete Carril, the intricate ballet of the PRINCETON OFFENSE is suddenly the height of hoop fashion, winning games and converts from sixth grade to the NBA


Inside The Week in Sports

Running For Cover Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery ditched their steroid- sullied coach

By Tim Layden

Inside The NBA

Inside The NBA

By Ian Thomsen

Inside College Football

Inside College Football

By Kelley King

Funny You Should Ask

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


Top Banana At the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Bill Murray stole clothing, threw fruit--and once again demonstrated the importance of not being earnest

By Gary Van SickleEdited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart


By L. Jon Wertheim; Mark Bechtel; Kelley KingEdited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart

Q+A Mariel Hemingway

By Richard Deitsch; Mariel HemingwayEdited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart

The Show

By Bill ScheftEdited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart

Champs and Chumps Entering the ring against Muhammad Ali served to test--and to reveal--character

By Charles HirshbergEdited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Pete McEntegart