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How She Trained Before hitting the water, this swimmer frequently hit the weight room

IN ADDITION to daily aerobic workouts that included several hours
of walking and cold-water swims (always in waters between 50° and
55°), Lynne Cox followed an intense strength-training regimen
three days a week during her final month of preparation for her
historic Antarctic swim. Her water workouts emphasized keeping
her head up (to keep from losing too much body heat) while her
weight training placed a premium on balance and endurance (she
trained without breaks between exercises). Here's a breakdown of
her typical week:


Moderate-paced walking, 5-7 miles (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Fast-paced swimming, one hour in 50° backyard pool

Stairmaster or elliptical machine, one hour (Tuesday, Thursday)

Fast-paced swimming, 3-4 miles in 55° Pacific Ocean (Saturday,

STRENGTH TRAINING (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Crunches, 4-5 sets of 10 repetitions: Place legs over balance
ball, bring 30-pound weights in each hand together, lift upper
body, separate weights, bring them back together, return upper
body to original position.

Curls and flies, 4-5 sets of 10 repetitions: Leaning against
wall, assume squatting position, curl 15-pound dumbbells
simultaneously, then at end of set, without pausing, begin flies.

Medicine-ball tosses, 4-5 sets of 10 repetitions: With knees
flat on the balance ball, catch and throw 10-pound medicine
ball. --Andrea Woo