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March 17, 2003 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

Close Call It was all quiet on the Dubai front, but the same cannot be said for this week's event in Qatar

By Josh Elliott

Baby Steps Little by little, our man learns what must be done--on and off the course--if he hopes to succeed

By John Garrity

Same Old Mike? Journeyman Mike Donald may not be the player he once was, but he still shoots straight from the hip

By Michael Bamberger

The Week

By Alan Shipnuck

Big Play Scott Hoch pulled the plug on the playoff at Doral because he couldn't commit to his putt, a controversial decision that led to a belated victory

By Brad Redding

John Daly's My Life A top music critic riffs on JD's debut album, in which a Tour star's life doubles as a country saga

By Tom Piazza

Scorecard Extra

Thinking Baseball Renowned scientist Stephen Jay Gould was no snob when he focused his intellect on his favorite game

By Charles Hirshberg

For Love of Leather Finally, the baseball glove gets the recognition it deserves

By Mark Mravic

Unlikely Twist Abandoned as a toddler in Korea, Toby Dawson has found a home--and moguls stardom--in the U.S.

By Brian Cazeneuve

Stock Car Feud A lawsuit over where the races are run threatens the France family's dynastic grip on NASCAR

By John Helyar

The College Try Some high school athletes are hiring professional scouting services to help them land scholarships

By Kelley King

Si Adventure

Show Boaters Six world-class kayakers are plotting an around-the-world trip that's part Endless Summer, part Real World. If they pull it off, they just might redefine reality TV

By Chris Ballard

The Everest Ride Stephen Koch will soon attempt to snowboard off the Roof of the World; surely, he believes, the world will notice

By Kostya Kennedy

Kidnapped In Kyrgyzstan: The Sequel The story had it all: terrorists, high-altitude suspense and a daring escape. So why is one climbing couple obsessed with proving it didn't happen that way?

By George Dohrmann

The Chase Is On for The Hundred-Foot Wave The Billabong Odyssey has the world's top surfers gunning for the really Big One

By Michael Bamberger

Out There In London a footrace will run for nearly six weeks

By Kelley King

Indoor Adventure Snowboarders find a new audience in cyberspace

What It Takes For a snowboarder headed to the U.S. Open, preparation is about more than just a board

By Yi-Wyn Yen

War and the Tour There are literally no barriers between athletes and fans. Says Armstrong, "THE TOUR HAS NO TRUE SECURITY."

By Austin Murphy

Catching Up With...

Hugh Green, Defensive End SEPTEMBER 1, 1980

By Bill Syken

College Basketball

Toot The 'Horn After his recent scintillating performances, it's official: Texas's undersized assist master, T.J. Ford, is SI's choice as player of the year

By Alexander Wolff

Hey, What About Wade? A dissenting vote for Marquette's high-scoring, high- flying guard, Dwyane Wade

By Seth Davis

It Says Here West Is Best A contrary case is made for Xavier's potent power forward, David West

By Grant Wahl


The Big Picture At 6'9", Zdeno Chara is not only the tallest NHL player ever but also the key to Ottawa's Stanley Cup hopes

By Michael Farber


Boston's Bullpen Gamble Spurning high-priced closers, the RED SOX are touting a new strategy and testing the odds with a mix of lowcost relievers to get them out of jams

By Daniel G. Habib

The Rise and Fall of Kirby Puckett

The media and the fans in Minnesota turned the Twins' Hall of Famer into a paragon of every virtue—and that made his human flaws, when they came to light, all the more shocking.

By Frank Deford Special Reporting by George Dohrmann

Pro Basketball

Spicing Up the Spurs A point guard from France, an Argentine rookie and a hoops nomad have added flavor to once-bland San Antonio

By Jack McCallum


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside The NBA

Inside The NBA

By Ian Thomsen

Inside Soccer

Inside Soccer

By Grant Wahl

Inside College Basketball

Inside College Basketball

By George Dohrmann; Seth Davis

Inside The NHL

Inside the NHL

By Stephen Cannella

In The Crease

By Pierre McGuire

A Man Of Substance

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


World-Famous In Iowa

By Steve Rushin


By Mark Jacobson; Melissa Segura; Kelley King; Richard Deitsch; Michael Farber; Don Yaeger Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Q+A Sale and Pelletier

By Richard Deitsch; Jamie Sale; David Pelletier Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel