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What It Takes For a snowboarder headed to the U.S. Open, preparation is about more than just a board

Recovering from a right heel injury incurred on a European photo
shoot in January, snowboarder Keir Dillon, known for delivering
the biggest McTwists in the halfpipe, returns for this week's
U.S. Open at Stratton (Vt.) Mountain ready to go big. Here
Dillon, 25, gives the lowdown on his favorite gear on and off the
slopes. --Yi-Wyn Yen

Burton Code 59 ($469.95) (
"I've always dreamed of designing my own ride, from its shape and
flex to the graphics. This board is perfect for the U.S. Open's
17foot pipes. The side cuts give a seamless transition that locks
in the grip of snow from wall to wall."

Burton Amp iPod ($499) (
"This three-layer Gore-Tex shell isn't insulated, but it's a
must-wear for me in contests. It's a superclean look, and its
built-in control panel for my iPod makes me feel like my own
personal deejay. If I want to talk to someone, all I need to do
is push a button on my sleeve."

Anon Figment ($69.95) (
"I like the look of black and dark brown leather. It speaks of
class. Snowboarders thrive on fashion, and pros try to wear
things that kids will catch on to two years from now. Anon is
currently working on a prototype for a limited run of Coach or
Louis Vuitton leather frames to come out next season."

Boost Mobile i95cl ($199) (
"This is my lifeline. I use about 3,000 minutes a month and have
100 numbers stored. While I'm waiting for a bus to shuttle me
around the slopes, I'll fire off some work emails, text-message
friends for dinner plans, check the weather or just play MotoGP
on a crystal-clear color background screen."

Mars Golf Burnt Driver ($250) (
"Most golf companies are geared to the old, white guy. What I
like about Mars Golf is that it sponsors a lot of rock bands like
Lit or Kid Rock. Golf's not very relaxing, but it's a way to work
my brain without the risk of blowing my ankle. When I spend
summers in Mount Hood, I'll play a round before I hit the slopes."

6. Analog Down Jacket 2004, ($299.95) (;
7. Burton Pipe Glove, ($59.95) (; 8. DVDs and
case; 9. Sony Studio Monitor DJ headphones, ($149.99)
(; 10. Alarm clock; 11. Bible; 12. Gravis Java
flip-flops, ($30) (; 13. Sony Street Style
headphones ($39.99) (; 14. Sony camcorder,
($1,800) (; 15. Canon EOS 3 camera, ($849)
(; 16. Burton C16 bindings, ($349.95)
(; 17. Kodak one-time-use camera, ($15.95)
(; 18. Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Elph, ($449)
(; 19. iPod 10GB, ($399) (; 20.
Burton Sabbath boots, ($270) (; 21. Sobe Lizard
water bottle, ($2.75) (; 22. Analog 3L pants,
($260) (; 23. Anon stickers; 24. Sony
Vaio PC, ($1,399) (; 25. Burton Hi-Fi helmet,
($79) (