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Q+A John Davidson

The 50-year-old hockey guru is an analyst for ABC, MSG Network
and Hockey Night in Canada

SI: Every year there are rumors that you'll become an NHL general
manager. Why not just take a job already?

Davidson: I like my summers.

SI: What teams came out ahead after that crazy NHL trading

Davidson: Teams that satisfied needs without hurting their
structure or chemistry. Detroit adds Mathieu Schneider. Perfect
add. Philadelphia needs goal scoring and gets Tony Amonte.
Perfect add. Colorado needed some good old North American grit.
They add Bates Battaglia and Bryan Marchment. The teams that
loaded up were the good teams.

SI: The Rangers' 19-year-old goalie Dan Blackburn lived with you
and your family all of last season. Did you make him do any

Davidson: No. He was so church-mouse quiet, you didn't even know
he was there half the time. Now he's on his own and doing quite

SI: What would happen if, say, Chris Chelios or some other
fortysomething player wanted to live with you?

Davidson: There would be some big-time rent. My kids would be
going to college for free for as long as they want.

SI: Generally speaking, does it help or hurt a hockey player's
career to marry Anna Kournikova?

Davidson: How could it hurt? I mean, if you get divorced, she
would have to give you money.

SI: You were a star as the Rangers' goalie in the late 1970s. How
come you weren't in that famous Sasson jeans commercial with
teammates Ron Duguay, Phil Esposito, Dave Maloney and Ron

Davidson: They asked me to be in it, but their jeans only went up
to 36, and I had a 38 waist. I'm dead serious about that.

SI: There's you, Darren Pang and Greg Millen, among others. Why
do former goalies make such good analysts?

Davidson: I guess if you're not playing, you're on the bench and
you can study the game. Or if you are playing, you see the game
from an end zone and can see everything develop. Maybe that gives
you something. Or maybe it's just a freak thing. --Richard

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