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Q+A Marv Albert

The 59-year-old Yesss!!! man is in his fifth decade calling NBA
games. He's working the playoffs on TNT with Mike Fratello.

SI: What's the most exciting event you've covered?

Albert: It's a tie between the Rangers winning their first
Stanley Cup in 54 years in 1994 and the Dream Team taking the
floor in the 1992 Olympics.

SI: You called your first Knicks game in '63 after Marty Glickman
said he was caught in a Paris snowstorm. Does it even snow in

Albert: I think Marty made that up to give me an opportunity. Or
he just didn't want to do that game.

SI: Your brothers [Al and Steve] and a son [Kenny] are also
sportscasters. Are the Alberts the Bushes or the Kennedys of
sports broadcasting?

Albert: We're closer to the Marx Brothers.

SI: Dick Stockton insists he was a year behind you at Syracuse,
but according to your bio, he's somehow several years older than
you. Have you found a secret for maintaining youth?

Albert: When you get older, there are memory lapses. Dick has
probably suffered more than anyone I know.

SI: Is it true that when doctors woke you from your car accident
last April and asked if you knew what season it was, you answered

Albert: Yes.

SI: You once split a best-of-10 Ping-Pong series with Dr. J. Why
didn't you play a best of 11?

Albert: Julius just had enough.

SI: Who won when you played NBA commissioner David Stern?

Albert: He beat me four games to three. He's very tricky. A lot
of spin.

SI: Are you glad you consented to this interview?

Albert: I'm thrilled.

SI: I was fishing for a "Yesss!!!"

Albert: All right: Yesss!!! --P.M.

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