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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY CHRIS GARDNER/AP Kevin Sent Cutting through the Giants' bats like a buzz saw on Sunday, KevinMillwood kept his string of scoreboard zeros intact by pitchingthe season's first no-hitter, a 1-0 Phillies win before a crowdof 40,016 in Philadelphia.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN BIEVER Steph Inflection Suns guard Stephon Marbury spices up an old dish, setting upShawn Marion (31) during Game 3 between Phoenix and San Antonioin the first round of the NBA playoffs (page 48).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY RICHARD PELHAM/THE SUN NEWSPAPER Well Bent Manchester United's David Beckham curves his signature shot around a wall of Real Madrid defenders for a goal during the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal game in Manchester. Manchester United won 4-3 (page 25).