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Upon Further Review The best material ever written on Tiger Woods

--Tiger: A Biography of Tiger Woods by John Strege (Broadway
Books, 1997) is still the standard, a straightforward biography
of the emerging young star. Strege enjoyed easy access to the
Woods family as a writer for The Orange County Register.

--The Chosen One: Tiger Woods and the Dilemma of Greatness by
David Owen (Simon & Schuster, 2001) is a cerebral meditation on
all things Tiger, though the author failed to score an interview
with Woods., John Ziegler's website for the "First
Church of Tiger Woods," explores "the possibility that Tiger
Woods may actually be God." Had Woods inspired more work as
entertaining as this, I'd be inclined to agree.

Glenn Stout, the editor of the annual collection The Best
American Sports Writing, gathered 21 of the best magazine and
newspaper pieces written about Woods for Chasing Tiger: The Tiger
Woods Reader (Da Capo Press, 2002).