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Masters Piece

Although neither a golfer nor much of a golf fan, I was
mesmerized by the drama of the Masters' final day (Weir and
Wonderful, April 21). Given the generally superb play of the men
on top of the leader board, I'd like to suggest changing the way
you write--and we think--about many sports events. What we saw
was not a winner and losers, but a first-place winner, a
second-place winner, a third-place winner, etc.
Richard D. Kipp, Gambier, Ohio

Mike Weir's accomplishment at Augusta turned Canada upside down
and made our hearts pump with national pride. His reception from
the usually muted Toronto fans at the Maple Leafs-Philadelphia
Flyers playoff game on the day following his victory was a great
moment in Canadian sports history. Thanks, Mike.
Peter Fletcher, Mississauga, Ont.

I watched most of CBS's Masters coverage with an incredulity that
grew by the hour. To completely ignore the demonstrations
(SCORECARD, April 21) showed CBS to be utterly gutless. Are they
a network that reports news and sports, or simply a shill for
their content providers?
John Hicks, Rochester, N.Y.

Why has CBS been taken over the coals for not covering the
demonstration outside the Augusta National Golf Club? I turned
the TV on to see a golf tournament not a circus. In fact I would
like to thank Martha Burk for the pleasure of watching the
Masters without commercials. Is this a great country or what?
Hal Greiner
Pinellas Park, Fla.

While I always enjoy Rick Reilly's work, and I commend him for
confronting morons like Imperial Wizard J.J. Harper, please tell
him to leave the tough-guy antics to the likes of Charles Oakley
and Tie Domi (THE LIFE OF REILLY, April 21). Reilly's a scrawny,
middle-aged father who would probably end up getting his ass
handed to him.
Aaron Lewis, Beverly, Mass.

O Lucky Man!

Damn, I wanted to marry Rebecca Lobo (AIR AND SPACE, April 21).
Does anyone know if Diana Taurasi is single?
Tim Thompson, Colorado Springs

Was Steve Rushin telling the truth or is this a late April Fools'
joke? Did he really marry Rebecca? She's the ultimate job perk.
At my company, anything of more than $100 in value cannot be
accepted, so Steve would have to give Rebecca back.
Bill Lubsen, Williamsburg, Va.

I think Rushin should consider using a new picture with his
column--maybe one with a smile. He seems to have a lot to smile
about these days.
Melissa Halfenger, Whitefish Bay, Wis.

Capitol Letter

As a resident of the Washington, D.C., area, I was left shaking
my head over your article about baseball in Puerto Rico (Llevame
al juego de pelota, April 21). How can MLB send the Expos to play
in San Juan--where the most they could draw is 18,000 fans and
the on-field temperatures have pressed 130° in April--when the
nation's capital has been without baseball for more than 30
years? The $318,181 minimum per game the Expos will make in San
Juan would easily be surpassed by just the concession stand take
in D.C. We all hope MLB doesn't snub us again when the Expos are
permanently relocated.
David Lau, Sterling, Va.

Plane Aggravated

I am appalled that SI would waste time, money and ink glorifying
a "sport" like aerobatics, in which thrill-seeking fools risk
their lives and the lives of others--planes don't always crash
into empty fields (One Mistake and You're Dead, April 21). Please
leave "the world's most dangerous sport" for the next sleazy Fox
TV special and give your readers the kind of quality sports
coverage we have come to expect.
Andy Berlind, Evanston, Ill.

Thanks for the scary but exhilarating ride. Reading it was like
taking my first ride in a Piper Cub when I was in high school.
Wayne Thorn, Fort Collins, Colo.

That Championship Season

Yes, I saw the picture of the play that helped ensure the UConn
women's win over Texas and noticed the disclaimer mentioning that
the women's championship game was played after Sl went to press
(LEADING OFF, April 14). That, however, does not excuse
completely ignoring the championship game in the April 21 issue.
It's as if the Lady Huskies' 73-68 victory over Tennessee to win
their second straight title never happened. Geno Auriemma took a
team with one returning starter and coached them to an unexpected
championship; that feat deserved more than one picture from a
Final Four game.
E. Mara Wright, Meriden, Conn.

* SI's Connecticut Huskies National Championship commemorative
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or through (hardbound).--ED.



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