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Original Issue

More To Come

Back in April in this space, SI managing editor Terry McDonell
solicited your comments on our Masters Preview, the first
stand-alone issue in the 10-year history of SI GOLF PLUS. We were
more than gratified by the response. A sampling: "Bravo!
Wonderful issue. I hope to see more of these," wrote Wayne
Hojnacki of Toledo. Sue Howard of Knoxville, Tenn., said, "As a
longtime golf enthusiast, I read and enjoyed every article."
Scott Veatch of Kirksville, Mo., called the issue "an unexpected
treat. Thanks again."

Receiving fan mail from our readers is great fun. Scientifically
canvassing them is good business, so we did that, too, soon after
the Masters Preview hit their mailboxes. We called 300 avid
golfers--the GOLF PLUS subscribers who took part in the survey
averaged a healthy 57 rounds a year--and were humbled by the
response. One number in particular blew us away: 99% of you were
satisfied with the issue (and 78% were either extremely or very
satisfied). In addition, 88% of you looked forward to receiving a
stand-alone U.S. Open Preview. (With this issue, the wait is
over.) Most interesting--at least to me--79% of you thought we
should add a third stand-alone GOLF PLUS next year, in advance of
September's Ryder Cup.

Consider it done. We have scheduled three stand-alone issues in
2004, previews of the Masters and the U.S. Open and, as
requested, the Ryder Cup.

So, to Wayne, Sue and Scott--and everyone else who sent a letter
or an e-mail--thanks for writing. And to those of you who took
part in the phone survey, my apologies if your dinner was
interrupted by our friends in consumer marketing. Think of next
year's Ryder Cup Preview as your just dessert.

James P. Herre