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June 16, 2003 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section

Will France Take It Out On Lance? Given the testy relations between the U.S. and France, will the French be harder than ever on Lance Armstrong? Au contraire

By Kelli Anderson

Sunday Best By keeping her cool during a difficult final nine, Annika Sorenstam won a waterlogged LPGA Championship

By Michael Bamberger

Who's Next? After an eye-popping spring, Tyler Hamilton has asserted himself as a possible heir to you know who

By Julia Morrill

All Lance, All The Time For the last three years, the Outdoor Life Network has closely tracked Lance Armstrong's rise to an American idol. This year OLN will follow him more exhaustively than ever

By Richard Deitsch

Having A Gay Old Time In Columbus, Ohio, members of the Rainbow Golf League are proud representatives of the game's silent minority

By Eamon Lynch

The Road to History The stages are set for a memorable Tour centennial: 2,082 miles, 198 riders and perhaps one new five-time champ

By Trisha Blackmar

Lost in America The author learns it takes heart, guts and inspired map reading to conquer the Appalachian Extreme

By Austin Murphy

The Week

By Alan Shipnuck

Big Play Reinvigorated by a fortunate break on the 72nd hole, Annika Sorenstam took advantage by nailing a long approach shot and forcing a playoff

By Patti McGowan

Coming Up

By Sal Johnson

My Shot Luke List My recent high school graduation was a thrill, but I'm more psyched about playing in the U.S. Open

Newsmakers on Everest The Chinese got a call from Yao, while Global Extremes fizzled. Here's what went down (and who went up) on the 50th anniversary of the first ascent

Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Indoor Adventure

By Bill Syken Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

What It Takes The rising star of U.S. cycling gears up for three weeks in France chasing Lance

Playing With Pain

By Michael Bamberger

¬°Tacos and Ice!

By Steve Rushin

A Long Running Feud

By Austin Murphy

Stanley Cup Finals

Give The Devils Their Due In a compelling finish to the Stanley Cup finals, resilient New Jersey outlasted the Mighty Ducks to win its third championship in nine years

By Michael Farber

Horse Racing

The Empire Strikes Back Racing was denied the Triple Crown it so desperately needed when Funny Cide, the people's horse, lost to Empire Maker, the rich man's horse, in the Belmont

By Tim Layden


Uncommon Valor Two 142-pounders, Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti, brought a fitting end to their thrilling trilogy with a fearless display of boxing the way it ought to be

By Franz Lidz

Happy Father's Day

Hope Springs Paternal Chances are, your father caught the first ball you ever threw and dreamed of your success long before you could talk. These six athletes, like so many others, have grown to appreciate that early investment in their futures

NBA Finals

C'est Magnifique! Outplaying Jason Kidd, Paris-schooled point guard Tony Parker helped stake the Spurs to an early lead

By Jack McCallum


The Man Show The women get the ink, but as the French Open proved, it is young men like Juan Carlos Ferrero who are lifting the game

By L. Jon Wertheim


Rapture of the Deep

Carried away by love—for risk and for each other—two of the world's best freedivers went to the limits of their sport. Only one came back

By Gary Smith


Inside The Week In Sports

Inside Baseball

Interleague Intrigue Marquee matchups, like Yanks-Cubs, boost fan interest, but schedule inequities are a sore spot with some clubs

By Albert Chen

The Heat Index Jobs In Jeopardy

By Albert Chen

Tom Verducci's View

By Tom Verducci

From RV To The Padres' Bullpen Rod Beck's Comeback

By Albert Chen

Inside The NFL

Shaping Up The Rams' Marshall Faulk works hard to prove he's not finished at 30

By Peter King

June Not as Busy As It Used to Be Salary Cap Management

By Peter King

Eagles Downsize In the Middle Philly's New Defensive Look

By Peter King

European Tour Boosts Packers Passer Brett Favre's Successor?

By Peter King

Game, Set, Career

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off

And the Winners Are ...


Much Ado about Corking Sammy Sosa's creative carpentry made front-page news and inspired outrage, disappointment, sympathy, laughter-- and one very bad poem

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Nothing but Net Profits Two former ABA owners are getting superrich from a long-ago dream deal

By Kelley King Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Who Is... Bo Dippin'

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Go Figure

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

For The Record

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Love's Trying Time

By Gary Van Sickle and Don Yaeger Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Q+A Bill Nye, The Science Guy The 47-year-old celebrity scientist--you've seen him teaching kids about gravity and other natural forces on PBS--is a baseball obsessive and a Mariners fan

By Bill Nye; Daniel G. Habib Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Week In Television

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Under Review Peacock Passion Play--Horse Sense

By Pete McEntegart Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel