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Indoor Adventure


FIVE PRO SURFERS throw $5 into a hat, ride the waves for 90
minutes and then watch tapes of their session to decide who
deserves to take home the kitty: That's the premise of Fox
Sports's RB5x, a half-hour show that debuted May 26 and seeks to
present truly friendly competition. No crowds, no heats and no
judges except each other. The surfers--brothers Gavin and Shane
Beschen, Brian Conley, Brad Gerlach and Mike Todd--grade each
other in categories like "torque" (hard turns) and "mojo" (you
apparently know it when you see it). The show has its rough
edges: Scraggly host Donovan Frankenreiter looks as if he were
found standing on a street corner holding a WILL EMCEE FOR FOOD
sign. And the commentary by the surfers will not make anyone
forget Madden and Michaels: When Conley rips off a combo move,
the expert analysis of his fellow surfers is along the lines of
"Briiiian!" and "Coonnnnley!" The show works anyway, in part
because the surfing footage is sweet but also because it feels
like everyone's having a good time. The guys project excitement
and camaraderie, even though they're not particularly good at
putting those things into words. Give RB5x high marks in the mojo
department. --Bill Syken

COLOR PHOTO: JORGE SALAS/RED BULL (BESCHEN) SHAAANE! Beschen showed excellent mojo to win the first RB5x--andthe $25 pot.