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Who Is... Bo Dippin'

WHY HE LOOKS LIKE A MILLION BUCKS The five-year-old, 1,600-pound
rodeo bull out of Bagwell, Texas, has thrown all but one of the
dozen cowboys who tried to ride him for the required eight
seconds this year. His surliness makes Dippin' the star
attraction at this weekend's ProRodeo Tour Finale in Las Vegas,
where 12 riders will put their butts on the line.

BO'S M.O. In rodeo parlance, Bo Dippin' likes to "turn back and
stay in," which means that he spins as he bucks. "He's always
going to spin, but you never know which way," says two-time world
champ Blue Stone, who rode Dippin' last year. "Every trip I've
seen that bull have has been awesome. You can't ask for a better

FAMILY TRADITION Bo Dippin's pa, 1,800-pound Bodacious, was
retired from competition in '95 for fear he'd kill a rider.
Earlier that year he broke bones in rider Scott Breding's
face--even though Breding was wearing a catcher's mask--by
snapping his head back into Breding's face. Bodacious, who died
in 2000, was ridden eight times in 135 attempts.

BO'S BROS Dippin', who is worth about $30,000, has several
younger siblings, and there may be more soon. Bob Tallman, the
founder of Buckers Inc., a marketing company in Texas, has frozen
vials of Bodacious's semen that he sells for $400 a pop.

COLOR PHOTO: JEFF BELDEN/PRCA (BO DIPPIN) MONSTER'S BULL The son of the infamous Bodacious is too tough to tame.