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Introducing Miss Daisy

Announced by 15-year-old Daisy Lidz, two prizefights at The
Legendary Blue Horizon in Philadelphia (SI, Dec. 9, 1996). Daisy,
a freshman at Tower Hill high school in Delaware and the daughter
of SI senior writer Franz Lidz, is the youngest ring announcer
ever. Franz writes:

The crucible that is Philadelphia boxing has produced some
improbable characters, and since 1961 nearly every one has
straddled the Blue Horizon's teal canvas. Squatting like a frog
on a seedy stretch of North Broad Street, this wonderfully
Victorian coliseum is so intimate that every seat is practically
ringside, and you can almost hear the palookas' hearts thump as
they climb through the ropes. The latest novelty act to debut at
the Blue was my daughter, last Friday. An aficionado of screwball
comedies from the 1930s, Daisy got sweet on the sweet science
after watching Mae West fall for a pug named Tiger Kid in Belle
of the Nineties. Last year she attended her first fight at the
Blue. "I love the glamour," said Daisy, who became such a regular
that matchmaker Don Elbaum invited her to announce.

At the weigh-in Daisy took notes on the fighters' records,
hometowns and handles. "I like Killer," light heavyweight George
McCoy told her, "but I fight more like Cream of Wheat." Daisy
suggested Maypo. "Call me that in the ring, and I'll slug you,"
McCoy snarled. They settled on Wonder Boy. That night the Girl
Wonder stepped into the ring and surveyed the 1,000 fight fans in
the damp, airless hall. Betraying no trepidation, Daisy
introduced the combatants, clearly, crisply, with a pitch and
resonance that would make a Marine drill instructor envious. She
closed with a line adapted from West: "Come on, boys, show me
your stuff." Bam! The bout ended in a second-round TKO. Crunch!
Fight No. 2 was over in Round 1. "And the winner...." Out of the
Blue, an old-time fight fan asked Daisy, "You here at the Blue
Horizon for good?" Daisy, purring in the languorous, low-down
voice of her idol, said: "Well, I'm here, but not for good."

TWO COLOR PHOTOS: JOHN IACONO (2) (LIDZ) LITTLE GIRL BLUE After she became a regular at the arena, amatchmaker asked Daisy to be boxing's youngest ring announcer.