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Q+A Vitali Klitschko Dubbed Dr. Iron Fist (he has a Ph.D. in sports science), the Ukrainian heavyweight, 31, fights Lennox Lewis on Saturday.

SI: Do you like Lennox Lewis personally?

Klitschko: He's a cool guy. We met during the shooting of Ocean's
Eleven, where my brother [Vladimir] fought him [it was part of
the script]. I can't say nothing bad about him.

SI: You've said you would never fight your brother. How about for
$50 million each?

Klitschko: Fifty million to kill my brother or my brother to kill
me? No, please not. It is not like Sister Williams [Venus and
Serena]. Boxing and tennis, completely different.

SI: You and your brother have met many famous people. Who has
impressed you most?

Klitschko: I was really impressed from Bill Clinton. We had a
conversation with him in Munich. He gave a speech about what is
happening in the future, and we later had dinner and
conversation. He said, 'Hey, guys, I know who you are. I am a big
fan of yours.' I don't know if he was joking, but it was nice to
hear it.

SI: You led on the scorecards in your title defense against Chris
Byrd two years ago before you retired at the end of the ninth
round with a torn rotator cuff. That's your only loss. How much
does that fight still bother you?

Klitschko: Of course. That fight was broadcast here in United
States and everyone saw this fight and I got a really bad
critique. Today I can say it was the right decision for myself to
stop the fight. Because if I don't do it, I think maybe I never
have this fight against Lewis.

SI: What did you think of the U.S. as a child in Ukraine?

Klitschko: I heard a lot of bad things. I heard people in U.S.
were very angry and were under pressure and oppressed. My first
trip to United States was in 1990 to Las Vegas. Can you imagine
that? Las Vegas. It changed all my mind. I get different opinion.

SI: After that trip you brought home Bubblicious and a Coke for
your brother. What are you planning to bring home this time?

Klitschko: You know the answer to that. --Richard Deitsch


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