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Q+A Lisa Guerrero Monday Night Football's new sideline reporter, Guerrero, 39, makes her debut on Aug. 4 at the Hall of Fame Game.

SI: Have you heard from the woman you're replacing, Melissa

Guerrero: One of the best moments in the last couple of days was
a call from Melissa Stark. I had never met her, but I was a huge
fan. She called to congratulate me and to tell me about the job
and give me her phone number.

SI: If all sideline reporters were eliminated tomorrow, would
viewers suffer?

Guerrero: Viewers want as much information as quickly as
possible, so yes, it would be a bad thing.

SI: You played a "volunteer bimbo" in the movie Batman Returns.
How does one prepare for that role?

Guerrero: Lots and lots of research. (Laughs.)

SI: Does sexuality have a place in sports broadcasting?

Guerrero: You have hundreds of choices around the dial, and if
somebody stops on a station because they see an attractive
face--male or female--that's certainly going to help the show.

SI: If you didn't get the job, who would you have hired?

Guerrero: If she's a football fan, Jennifer Aniston.

SI: Jennifer Aniston?

Guerrero: She's funny, she's smart, she's articulate and she's
gorgeous. And if she loves football, why the heck not?

SI: You're dating oft-injured Orioles pitcher Scott Erickson.
What's the first question you'd ask him if you had to interview
him following a game?

Guerrero: How's that shoulder injury coming along, mister?

SI: You may now be the most prominent Hispanic sportscaster in
the U.S. What does that mean to you?

Guerrero: It means the world to me. My mother came here at 17
years old from Chile, and she didn't speak any English. Here we
are 39 years later, and her daughter gets one of the most coveted
jobs in sports broadcasting. It's pretty heady stuff. I changed
my last name from my dad's last name [Coles] to my mom's for my
Hispanic heritage.

SI: You once played a villainous vixen on the soap opera Sunset
Beach. Had Aaron Spelling cast John Madden for the show, what
role would he have played?

Guerrero: My love interest, of course. --R.D.


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