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Under Review OTL's Big Switch--Courageous Coach

--Though lauded by critics, ESPN's Outside the Lines spent the last
three years hidden away in a 10:30 Sunday morning slot. Still, it
won 10 Emmys while rivaling Dateline and 20/20 in its ability to
go in depth on such issues as illiteracy among college athletes.
Now the show is adjusting smoothly to its May 12 move to a
nightly schedule--an idea hatched over dinner last October by
ESPN vice president in charge of programming Mark Shapiro and Bob
Ley, the show's longtime host. Shapiro's main concerns were
whether there were enough breaking sports stories to support a
daily show and if enough viewers wanted a steady diet of OTL's
no-nonsense approach. Both answers appear to be yes. Now airing
Monday through Friday, from midnight to 12:30, the revamped
Outside the Lines Nightly has scored with its comprehensive
coverage of the Sammy Sosa Corkgate and an exclusive interview
with Raiders center Barrett Robbins, who is battling depression.
Lines's ratings have shot up 39% since the scheduling switch.

--The inspiring story of Loyola women's lacrosse coach Diane
Geppi-Aikens, who died on Sunday at age 40, is examined in a
half-hour documentary, A Season of Hope: The Diane Geppi-Aikens
Story, which debuts on College Sports Television on July 2 and
repeats on July 8. CSTV followed Geppi-Aikens as she led the No.
1 team in the country while battling an inoperable brain tumor
(SI, April 28). The film captures many intimate exchanges with
the players, including the coach's emotional speech after
Loyola's loss in the NCAA semifinals. On that May afternoon
Geppi-Aikens told her players that they gave her reason to keep
fighting on after doctors said she would die. --R.D.