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Shrine Time

POWER COUPLE Hall of Fame induction ceremonies for Eddie Murray
and Gary Carter are scheduled for this Sunday. With 324 home runs
Carter was one of baseball's best power hitting catchers. Murray
hit 504 career homers--second alltime by a switch-hitter to
American League leader Mickey Mantle's 536. Who holds the
National League record?

a. Bobby Bonilla c. Chipper Jones
b. Howard Johnson d. Reggie Smith

KID IN THE HALL Carter will be the first homegrown Expo to be
inducted. Who is the only other former Expo in the Hall of Fame?

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP Murray is a hitting coach for the Indians,
making him the 10th man to be inducted while an active coach or
manager. Match the player with the team he was coaching or
managing at the time of his induction.

1. Bob Gibson a. Cardinals
2. Bob Lemon b. Giants
3. Frank Robinson c. Mets
4. Red Schoendienst d. Yankees

CALL TO ORDER Neither Carter nor Murray ever hit more than 33
homers in a season. Place these other Hall of Famers in order of
their best home run seasons.

a. George Brett c. Larry Doby
b. Roberto Clemente d. Rogers Hornsby


POWER COUPLE: c. The Braves' Chipper Jones has 270 career home
runs, the record for an National League switch-hitter.

KID IN THE HALL: First baseman Tony Perez played three seasons
for the Expos (1977-79) and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. c (pitching coach in 1981); 2. d
(pitching coach in '76); 3. b (manager in '82); 4. a (bench coach
in '89)

CALL TO ORDER: Hornsby (42 in 1922); Doby (32 in '54); Brett (30
in '85); Clemente (29 in '66)