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August 4, 2003 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Duel In The Sunset In an emotional year marred only by too many second-place finishes, Tom Watson got his first win of the season after returning to the site of his greatest victory

By Michael Bamberger

A Golfing Life BOB HOPE 1903-2003

By Cameron Morfit

Greater Heartfelt Open Jacobsen and Whaley were the stars of a rousing GHO

By Alan Shipnuck

Big Play The Tour's veteran renaissance continued in Hartford as Peter Jacobsen fearlessly stiffed a wedge at the watery 17th to seal his victory

By Peter Krause

The Futures Is Now For Cejka

By Alan Shipnuck

Coming Up

By Sal Johnson

My Shot: Gregory M. Jones People laughed when I was fired for lifting a scene from Caddyshack, so I've got that going for me

By Gregory M. Jones

Grasping for Air

By Steve Rushin

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section

You've Come A Long Way, Dude On the eve of X Games IX, it seems time to face the truth: Extreme sports have gone mainstream

By Jack McCallum

The Fuel of Extremists (Or, Taurine in Your Tank) Austrian marketing maverick Dietrich Mateschitz found the perfect way to sell his high-voltage energy drink, Red Bull: Marry it to the wildest and wackiest action sports

By Franz Lidz

The Long, Strange Trip of a Running Guru Self-styled philosopher-coach Marc Tizer has built a bizarre spiritual community that has become an ultramarathon powerhouse

By Bruce Schoenfeld

In The Long Run... To do an ultramarathon, you need strong legs, an iron will and the ability to eat like a couch potato while racing

By Stephen Cannella

Homeless on the Range The Mountain Goats, residents of a Spokane shelter, conquer their fears and disabilities as they climb the highest peaks in the Cascades

Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen


Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

Out There

Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

Indoor Adventure

Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

What It Takes The godfather of freestyle Moto X plans to soar at the X Games using this hot gear

And the Dunce Cap Goes To...

By Austin Murphy

Catching Up With...

Nino Benvenuti, Boxer SEPTEMBER 25, 1967

By Brian Cazeneuve

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary

It's All Downhill Gravity rules when the U.S.'s fastest kids roll into AKRON for the unsinkable Soap Box Derby

By Franz Lidz

Football, Ohio Style A sportswriter and his state saw themselves in stoic, grind-it-out teams

By Richard Hoffer

The Poll Ohioans weigh in on sports*

Compiled by Bill Syken

Pro Football

Catch 22 Sure, Emmitt Smith looks good in his new Cardinals threads, but great backs rarely fare well when they change uniforms late in their careers

By Peter King

Opening Arguments Here are five hot topics for debate as the NFL's 32 teams prepare to kick off the preseason

By Peter King


Tour de Lance Lance Armstrong's drive for an unprecedented six in a row begins

By Kelli Anderson


Royal Revival Bolstered by castoffs such as righthander Jose Lima, Kansas City is the unlikely leader in the AL Central. But are the Royals for real?

By Daniel G. Habib


The Return of Seabiscuit A cast-off thoroughbred who became one of America's most- beloved heroes is finally ready for his close-up

By William Nack

Sports Illustrated Presents

The 50 Greatest Sports Movies Of All Time!

Slap Happy Boston Bruin P.J. Stock tells why Slap Shot really scores

By P.J. Stock


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside Swimming

World Beater Teenage sensation Michael Phelps dominated the world championships

By Brian Cazeneuve

Last Lap

By Brian Cazeneuve

Inside College Basketball

Fouled Out Troubled star Ricky Clemons finally ran out of chances at Missouri

By Seth Davis

Three Points

Inside The NBA

KG-Force The T-Wolves remade their lineup to win--and to win over their superstar

By Ian Thomsen

Scout's Take

Inside Baseball

Star Turn After a false start last season, Morgan Ensberg is a hit in Houston

By Albert Chen

Pitching Like an Ace at Last Sidney Ponson's Breakthrough

Bowden, Boone Take the Fall Cincinnati Cleans House

By Tom Verducci

Tom Verducci's View

Hurts So Good

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


King Hut Pro football rules in America; SI's Frank Deford explains why

By Frank Deford Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Out of Aces Bankruptcy, debts, warrants: Why Roscoe Tanner can't go home again

By Chris Ballard Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Go Figure

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

For The Record

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

She Got Game

By George Dohrmann Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Leaks, Peeks and a Death Threat Kobe Bryant makes nice with a $4 million bauble, but his backers play rough

By Chris Ballard Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Who Is...Sam Dana

By Bryan Graham Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Q+A Carson Palmer

By Carson Palmer; Richard Deitsch Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Week In Television

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Under Review Clash of the Titans--Sundays with Greta?

By Richard Deitsch Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Trivial Matters

By David Sabino Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel