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College Sports 101 Recent events show folks are still flunking Remedial Ethics. A pop quiz

1. True or False: Kevin Bannon, the men's basketball coach at
Rutgers University, had players run naked during practice.

2. Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett (above) was not
involved in which of these incidents?

A Questioned by his head coach because he was driving a Lexus.

B Confronted by a compliance officer about a summer job after
it was reported that his only duties were meeting clients and
signing autographs.

C Exaggerated to campus police, claiming that 300 compact
discs, two TVs, $5,000 of stereo equipment and $800 cash were
stolen from a car he had borrowed.

D Was only student allowed to take an oral exam in
African-American and African Studies class after walking out of
the written midterm.

3. All but which one of these headlines appeared on the same day
in the sports section of the L.A. Times?

A Nebraska Running Back Suspended for Assault, Is Likely to Play

B Three Kansas State Players Arrested

C Top Tackler Suspended

D Coach Has Admitted to Academic Wrongdoing at New Mexico State

4. Which of the following did not occur during Eddie Sutton's
tenure as basketball coach at Kentucky?

A Player caught cheating on his ACT when it was found that his
answers to 211 of the 219 questions were the same as the person
next to him.

B Player tried to sell two gold chains that belonged to a
teammate for $700 at a local pawn shop.

C Player's father received $1,000 in cash from an assistant coach.

D Player arrested for stealing a student's stereo system.

5. True or False: Cleveland State basketball coach Kevin Mackey
was alone in his car when he was pulled over for driving
erratically after leaving a crack house in Cleveland. Tests
showed alcohol and cocaine in his system.

6. Former Indiana and current Texas Tech basketball coach Bob
Knight did which of the following?

A Punched a police officer during the Pan-Am Games.

B Shoved a taunting fan into a garbage can at the Final Four.

C Threw a chair across the floor during a Big Ten road game.

D Head-butted a player during an intense off-court exchange.

7. According to The New York Times, about how many children have
players on last year's University of South Florida football team

A 20 B 40 C 60 D 80

8. Jerry Tarkanian (below) has been the hoops coach at Long
Beach State, UNLV and Fresno State. At which school(s) did these
incident(s) occur on the Shark's watch?

A FBI looks into point-shaving allegations.

B Assistant coach is appointed guardian of a recruit who
attended four high schools without graduating; under the coach's
care recruit is arrested for trying to buy crack.

C Student is confronted by a player wielding a samurai sword and
a recruit brandishing a pistol.

D Program is placed on probation for recruiting violations.

E Players are photographed in a hot tub with a convicted

F Players detained at gunpoint by police after an altercation at
a bar.

G Academic senate passes a resolution titled Have We No Shame?

9. On which national holiday did Western New Mexico men's
basketball coach Joe Mondragon allegedly insult several of his
players with a racial slur, costing him his job?

ANSWERS: 1. True, it followed a free throw drill in which a
piece of clothing was shed after each miss. 2. b. That was
Clarett's teammate, Chris Gamble. 3. c. It appeared in the same
day's The Columbian (Vancouver). 4. d (N.C. State's Chris
Washburn did it; a was Eric Manuel; b was Shawn Kemp; and c was
Chris Mills). 5. False. A prostitute was also in the car. 6. All
except c. That happened at a home game. 7. c. 8. Long Beach
State: d; UNLV: a, b, d, e; Fresno State: a, c, f, g. 9. Martin
Luther King Jr. Day.






Washington football coach Rick Neuheisel (right) was fired in
June because of his high-stakes betting on the NCAA hoops
tournament. Match the basketball coach with the incident that led
to him losing his job.

1 Convicted of federal tax evasion after being accused in an
indictment of soliciting payments for his team's participation
in tournaments.

2 Brought a gun into the gym to settle a dispute with an
assistant over why there were so few players at practice.

3 Agreed to pay the family of a recruit $15,000 for each of the
seasons he played for the school.

4 Found guilty by the NCAA of being "knowledgeable about and
complicit" in academic fraud that included a tutor writing 400
papers for players.

A Todd Bozeman, California

B Clem Haskins, Minnesota

C Dana Kirk, Memphis State

D Nolan Richardson III, Tennessee State

Match the denial with the coach.

1 "1 wasn't aware of these things."

2 "I didn't realize those were violations."

3 "Seven layers of university administrators knew of this issue,
but none chose to inform me."

4 "If there's a violation here, it's unintentional and it's a
fact that I didn't think it's a violation."

A Galen Hall, who resigned as Florida's football coach after
giving assistants supplemental pay.

B Norm Sloan, who resigned as Florida's hoops coach after, among
other things, arranging a plane ticket for a player.

C Dennis Erickson, after being told rapper Luther Campbell paid
Miami players for big plays.

D Jan van Breda Kolff (left), who was fired by St. Bonaventure
after using an ineligible player who had only a welding
certificate from the junior college he had transferred from.

CORNERED COACHES ANSWERS: Neuheisel question: 1-c; 2-d; 3-a;
4-b. Denial question: 1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-b.

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