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Go Figure

$82.8 million Salary of the Yankees' starting lineup for their
July 20 game against the Indians.

$2.75 million Salary of the Indians' starters for the same game,
which the Yankees won 7-4 to complete a four-game sweep.

79,005 Attendance for the Manchester United-Juventus match at
Giants Stadium last Thursday, the largest crowd to attend a
soccer game in New Jersey.

$300 million Approximate ring earnings for Mike Tyson, who filed
for bankruptcy last Friday.

$4.1 million Salary forfeited by guard Anthony Carter after his
agent forgot to exercise an option for next season with the Heat;
Carter has since signed with the Spurs for $1.5 million.

230 Temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, that finalists were
subjected to in last week's Sauna World Championship; men's champ
Timo Kaukonen of Finland lasted 16 minutes, 15 seconds.

8 Majors Senior British Open champ Tom Watson will have played in
this year if, as expected, he tees off at next week's PGA