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Star in Stripes?

MR. FIXIT The latest step in the process of curing what ails the
Bengals came when the team used the top pick in the draft to grab
Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Carson Palmer of USC. That
made him the fifth quarterback selected by the team in the first
round since 1968. Which of the following Cincinnati QBs was not a

a. Ken Anderson c. David Klingler
b. Greg Cook d. Jack Thompson

HIGHLY DECORATED Palmer will be only the second Heisman Trophy
winner to play for the Bengals. Who was the first? And as a bonus
question: Who is the only Heisman Trophy runner-up to play for

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP Palmer is to start the season as a backup to
Jon Kitna. Match these star quarterbacks with the NFL journeymen
they understudied as rookies.

1. Brett Favre a. Chris Chandler
2. Rich Gannon b. Chris Miller
3. Donovan McNabb c. Doug Pederson
4. Steve McNair d. Wade Wilson

CALL TO ORDER In the best-case scenario for the Bengals, Palmer
quickly becomes a candidate for the next Pro Bowl. Place these
alltime great Bengals in order of the number of times they
represented Cincinnati in the Pro Bowl.

a. Isaac Curtis c. Anthony Munoz
b. Boomer Esiason d. Lemar Parrish


MR. FIXIT: a. Ken Anderson was a third-round pick in 1971 from
Augustana (Ill.) College before he became the Bengals' alltime
leading passer.

HIGHLY DECORATED: Ohio State running back Archie Griffin was the
only two-time Heisman Trophy winner and the only one to play for
the Bengals. The lone Heisman runner-up to play for Cincinnati
was Penn State running back Ki-Jana Carter.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. b (1991 with the Falcons); 2. d ('87 with
the Vikings); 3. c ('99 with the Eagles); 4. a ('95 with the

CALL TO ORDER: Munoz (11 Pro Bowl appearances for the Bengals);
Parrish (six); Curtis (four); and Esiason (three)