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August 25, 2003 Table Of Contents

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Scorecard Extra

2004 U.S. Olympic Primer

By Brian Cazeneuve

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Empty Threat Capping his worst year in the major championships with a frustrating PGA, Tiger Woods looked like anything but a player to be feared

By Seth Davis

Off Track To make it a dream course for a future U.S. Open, Oak Hill was turned into every player's nightmare

By Gary Van Sickle

Wide Open Instead of settling the race for player of the year, the PGA only made picking the winner more difficult

By John Garrity

My House

By Steve Rushin

The Chuckie Index

Pretty Great Action An early birth? A tardy Aussie? Tiger's funk and Phil's devastating dunk? Here's our report from an improbable PGA Championship

By Alan Shipnuck

Big Play Despite enormous 72nd-hole pressure, Shaun Micheel calmly followed his preshot routine and hit the shot of the year to win the PGA

By Eric Alpenfels

El Gato's Hiss At Tiger's Diss

By Alan Shipnuck

Coming Up

By Sal Johnson

Postcards From the EDGE

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary

Little Big Time For kids and fans alike, the LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES IS NOW A MAJOR LEAGUE EVENT

By Stephen Cannella

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Which is a better sports town? Two SI writers from those cities square off

By Austin Murphy; Michael Bamberger

The Poll Pennsylvanians weigh in on sports*

Compiled by Bill Syken


Sammy's Second Season Sammy Sosa has been the game's most prolific power hitter over the past two months. But is that enough to redeem him from his corked-bat sin?

By Tom Verducci

Sizing Up The Central

By Tom Verducci

Giants Among Men Exactly 100 years ago, Christy Mathewson and John McGraw rescued the woeful New York Giants and helped make baseball the true national pastime

By Frank Deford


The Unknown Factor With the big names stuck in the rough, Shaun Micheel cruised to the PGA Championship and proved that the majors are now anyone's game

By Michael Bamberger

Pro Football

Tough Break Michael Vick's broken leg on a meaningless scramble in a preseason game knocks the wind out of the Falcons and robs the NFL of its brightest star

By Peter King

U.S. Open Preview

New York Gothic From Ancient Andre's antics to the Battle of the Belgians, we serve up eight plot lines that could make for two bizarre weeks in Flushing Meadow

By L. Jon Wertheim

College Football

Why Can't Rutgers Ever Win?

Rutgers is the biggest school in New Jersey, a state swarming with good young players. Yet over the last decade the Scarlet Knights are 32-83-1. The coach says things are turning around. Many others on campus say it's time for the school to get out of the big-time football business.

By Michael Farber


Inside The Week in Sports

Inside Baseball

First Move Mike Piazza warms to the idea of playing a new position for the Mets

By Albert Chen David Sabino

Tom Verducci's View

Khalil Greene

By Albert Chen

Saying No to the No-trade Clause Texas Takes a Stand

By Albert Chen

Inside College Football

Fear the Gopher Led by explosive quarterback Asad Abdul-Khaliq, Minnesota looks to pull off a surprise in the Big Ten

By Kelley King

Inside The NFL

What's My Line? The Giants piece together a new, and raw, look up front

By Peter King

Rookie Watch

By Peter King

Monster Mash

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off


Who We Are (Online) A smarter, faster, better-looking


Wild Child At 14, U.S. striker Freddy Adu has the world at his feet and offers pouring in, but is he the superstar who'll finally make America fall in love with soccer?

By Grant Wahl Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

The Plot Sickens Bliss told players to lie about Dennehy

By George Dohrmann and Melissa Segura Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Go Figure

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Courting NASCAR Nation

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

For The Record

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Female Kobe?

By Chris Ballard Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Q+A Ja Rule One of the world's best-selling rap artists, the 27-year-old Queens native is the voice of CBS Sports' 2003 NFL promotional campaign.

By Richard Deitsch; Ja Rule Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Sports Beat

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

The Week In Television

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Under Review Anna on E!--Collins Back in Booth--Finding the Playoffs

By Richard Deitsch Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Richard O'Brien and Mark Bechtel