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Go Figure

Career home runs hit by Twins second baseman Luis Rivas in his
five-year career.

Home runs hit by Rivas against the Royals.

Teams for which Pittsburgh outfielder Reggie Sanders has hit 20
homers in a season, making him one of six players to accomplish
the feat.

Years Cardiff City (Wales) soccer fan Neil MacNamara has been
banned from attending matches in Britain after pulling a fire
alarm in an opposing team's hotel the night before a
second-division playoff game in May.

Times brothers Aaron and Bret Boone have homered on the same day.

Doughnuts given away since Kansas City Krispy Kremes began
redeeming Royals ticket stubs for a dozen doughnuts when the
team gets at least 12 hits in a home game.

Average speed, in mph, of winner Sam Hornish in last Sunday's
Belterra 300 at Kentucky Speedway, the fastest race in IRL history.