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Go Figure

Consecutive batters retired on groundouts, strikeouts or
infield putouts by Diamondbacks sinkerballer Brandon Webb, a
streak that ended on Sunday when he retired a hitter on a fly
ball to the outfield for the first time since Aug. 3.

Dominoes toppled by Ma Lihua, 24, in an exhibition in Singapore,
breaking the 19-year-old world record; Ma put in seven weeks of
13-hour days arranging the dominoes, which took four minutes to

Couples who got married at the start-finish line of the
Bristol Motor Speedway last Saturday morning, hours before the
start of the Sharpie 500.

Number of pro sports teams that have gone from last place to
having the best record in the league the following season after
the WNBA's Detroit Shock matched the turnaround of the Louisville
Colonels baseball team of 1890.

Amount Brooklyn catcher Roy Campanella's three NL MVP trophies
from the 1950s fetched at auction.

22, 26
Age, in years and days, of Spain's Fernando Alonso when he won
Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix, making him the youngest driver to
win a Formula 1 race.