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Links Lives

How I Played the Game, by Byron Nelson (Taylor Publishing, 1993).
My favorite. Byron's memory and gentle Texas twang come through.

Triumphant Journey: The Saga of Bobby Jones and the Grand Slam of
Golf, by Dick Miller (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1980). It's about
Bobby Jones, but it's not so adoring you want to gag.

The Greatest Game of All: My Life in Golf, by Jack Nicklaus with
Herbert Warren Wind (Simon and Schuster, 1969). Wind trying to
sound like Jack--delicious!

Let 'er Rip!: Gardner Dickinson on Golf, by Gardner Dickinson
(Longstreet Press, 1994). Poorly organized and gossipy, but with

Golf Secrets Exposed, by Bill Mehlhorn with Bobby Shave (M&S
Publishing, 1984). Seemingly unedited, but fascinating for those
who care about what Walter Hagen said to Harry Vardon.