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Go Figure

Shutout innings Toronto's Roy Halladay pitched in last Saturday's
1-0 win over the Tigers, making him the first pitcher to throw
an extra-inning shutout since the Twins' Jack Morris beat the
Braves to win the 1991 World Series.

Consecutive races lost by Zippy Chippy, the losingest thoroughbred
in history, after the 12-year-old gelding finished second by a
length and a half to Short Notice at the Three County Fair in
Northampton, Mass.

Speed, in miles per hour, that police clocked a 35-year-old
New York man on a Pennsylvania highway in a 1997 Lamborghini
Diablo on Aug. 31.

Average speed, in miles per hour, of NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, in winning last Saturday's race in Richmond.

Straight seasons in which the loser of the Louisville-Kentucky
football game has won the annual basketball matchup between the
teams--good news for the Wildcats, who lost their football opener
to the Cardinals 40-24.