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Q+A: Spike Lee The 46-year-old filmmaker--and Knicks superfan--is directing a series of commercials for TNT's new NBA marketing campaign. The ads will feature Jason Kidd, LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal.


SI: How did LeBron do in front of the camera?

Lee: This was the first time he's shot a commercial, and I
thought he was great. It was a lot like the spots I did with
Michael [Jordan] early on. They didn't let him speak either.
(Laughs.) But as Mike got more comfortable, he got more dialogue.

SI: What's your best piece of Jordan memorabilia?

Lee: His sneakers from when he came back and scored the double
nickel against the Knicks. I also got his Jordans from his first
game at the Garden after Sept. 11, and one of his bats from when
he played in the minors.

SI: Now that your trademark infringement suit against Viacom is
settled, would you watch Spike TV if it aired a Spike Lee movie?

Lee: That's not going to happen. One of the good things about the
suit is that people now know for sure that I have nothing to do
with that channel.

SI: You've wanted to make a film about Jackie Robinson for years.
What's the status of that project?

Lee: Once I get the money, we'll get it made. I also want to make
a film about Joe Louis and Max Schmeling. Those are my two dream

SI: What's the best basketball movie ever?

Lee: Hoop Dreams, even though it's a documentary.

SI: And the best sports movie?

Lee: Raging Bull, by the master, Martin Scorsese.

SI: You called One on One, with Robby Benson, the worst
basketball movie of all time. But even that has to be better than
Eddie, with Whoopi Goldberg, right?

Lee: The one where she's a coach? Wow. I forgot about that one.
Neck and neck.

SI: Who gets your courtside seats after you're gone?

Lee: My children. But they'll have to make a lot more money than
me to continue paying for those tickets.

SI: Finally, what's your ultimate sports fantasy?

Lee: I want more than one championship in my lifetime for the
Knicks--and I never want the Red Sox to win one in my lifetime.
--Richard Deitsch


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