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Trading E-Mail With... Bucs All-Pro defensive tackle and part-time tight end Warren Sapp

SI: How did it feel to be leading the Super Bowl champs in yards
per catch (14.0) after Week 1?

Sapp: I want to see if I can get to the Pro Bowl both ways.

SI: What's it going to be like when your defense plays the Colts'
high-powered offense for the first time on Oct. 6?

Sapp: Four hungry men--that's how our line will be. It's the one
thing [Indianapolis running back] Edgerrin James has been looking
forward to. There's that Cane thing with us [having played at]

SI: You're a football historian: Steelers' defense of the 1970s,
Bears' of the mid-'80s, Ravens' in 2000, Bucs' of today--rank

Sapp: Steel Curtain is No. 1; they own the most championships and
have the most Hall of Famers. Then the Bucs, because we have done
it for a longer time than the mid-'80s Bears and the 2000 Ravens.
The Bears go behind us; defending champs don't go 14-2 and have a
home playoff game after a bye and get thumped by the Redskins.
Boooo! The 2000 Ravens didn't last.

SI: After beating Philly in the NFC title game and the season
opener, are you guys in the Eagles' heads?

Sapp: No. It's just tough sometimes when the other team is better
than you are.

SI: Best player who ever blocked you?

Sapp: Nobody can block me. But I guess it would be Randall
McDaniel and Larry Allen.

SI: Howard Dean or George Bush in 2004?

Sapp: Who is Howard Dean?