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Trading E-Mail With... Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter

SI: Take us into the huddle with 11 seconds left, down three to
the Giants, game on your shoulders in the Monday-nighter on Sept.
15 at the Meadowlands. What did you say?

Carter: First thing I told them was, "Make sure you get out of
bounds after the catch--or if you can't get out of bounds, get
down on the ground so you can call time out." No one else spoke.
They all knew what to do.

SI: Greatest Cowboys quarterback: Staubach or Aikman?

Carter: They were both great, but I have to go with Troy. He won
more Super Bowls.

SI: Give us a good Bill Parcells moment.

Carter: In camp I was struggling with a seven-on-seven drill. He
said, "If you can't complete passes in a seven-on-seven, when
there are no linemen, you're going to have a hard time playing
quarterback in this league." That got my attention. He creates an
atmosphere where you know you have to have your A game every day.

SI: Do you fear Parcells?

Carter: I fear God. I respect Coach Parcells.

SI: If you're not playing on a Monday night, what would you
rather do: watch the game, play Madden 2004, or have a few beers
and forget you're a football player?

Carter: I'm watching football.

SI: Halle Berry or Beyonce Knowles?

Carter: Beyonce.