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October 13, 2003 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Si Adventure

Dollar Bills At the Bisbee's Black & Blue tournament, the Super Bowl of billfishing, it's all about big money, big egos and really big marlins

By Bruce Barcott

Now, That's A Road Trip Stuck in a rut, Erin and Chris Ratay got on their motorcycles and took a four-year ride around the world

By Mark Beech

The Intimidator With his ferocious intensity, pro mountain biker turned adventure racer Mike Kloser has made himself the dominant figure in his sport

By Yi-Wyn Yen

Lost And Found In search of Colombia's Lost City, British hiker Matthew Scott was seized by guerrillas. After a daring escape and a long jungle trek, he made it home

By Franz Lidz Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Livin' It An uphill and downhill battle at the Mountain Running Trophy race

Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Going Down

Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Going On

Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Coming Up

Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Out There

Edited By Yi-Wyn Yen

Indoor Adventure New releases offer a look at who makes it and who doesn't in moments of crisis; a journey to a special climbing spot in India; and a sick run down a cybermountain

By Yi-Wyn Yen; Stephen Bodio; Bill Syken

What It Takes For one top ironman, the road to Kona requires peak training and a comfy ride

Who Wrote The Book Of Surf?

By Austin Murphy

Scorecard Extra

Faces Of The Game Renowned photographer Neil Leifer's new collection of portraits revels in contrasts

By Bill Syken

No. 1 With An Arrow Mary Zorn has shot to the top in archery but must change disciplines to reach the Olympics

By Lars Anderson

He's a Tennis Nut Jim McIngvale takes a page out of Bill Veeck's book to promote the year-end Masters Cup

By L. Jon Wertheim

Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Bet On It At an annual golf outing exclusively for high rollers, it's not what you shoot that counts, it's how well you wager

By Michael Kaplan

Poy*fect Timing *PLAYER OF THE YEAR By winning his seventh World Golf Championship title, Tiger Woods staked his claim to a fifth straight year as the top dog on Tour

By Gary Van Sickle

Same Old Story John Huston is the latest all-too-familiar winner in a tedious season

By Alan Shipnuck

Big Play Relying on a bulletproof short game, Tiger Woods made three stellar up-and-downs on the back nine, including the capper at 16, to take the AmEx

By T.J. Tomasi

Long John Digs Deep

By Alan Shipnuck

Coming Up

By Sal Johnson

A Foul Deal? You Make The Call

Catching Up With...

Terry Eurick, Fullback January 9, 1978

By Stephen Cannella

Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary

A Day At The Races Yes, Virginia, STEEPLECHASE RACING is alive--and fun--as old money meets new at the Gold Cup

By Franz Lidz

It's Good To Be Home The defensive end returned to his roots in search of the alltime sacks record

By Bruce Smith

The Poll Virginians weigh in on sports*

Compiled by Richard Deitsch

Enemy Of The State

Compiled by Richard Deitsch

Who & Where

Compiled by Richard Deitsch

Greatest Moment

Compiled by Richard Deitsch


Compiled by Richard Deitsch

Memorable Quote

Compiled by Richard Deitsch

Alltime Best For Virginia's top 50 homegrown sports figures, go to

Compiled by Richard Deitsch


What It Will Take To Win Now

National League Kerry Wood and Mark Prior stymied Atlanta, while Marlin mania struck in Miami

By Daniel G. Habib

American League While the Red Sox had to fight for their lives, the Yankees won by the numbers

By Tom Verducci

College Football

Unknown, Undefeated Led by in-state kids with something to prove, Northern Illinois has crashed the rankings and become the underdog favorite of 2003

By Tim Layden

Pro Football

Viking Conqueror Minnesota is 5-0 thanks to a defense led by a brawny, brainy lunatic named Chris Hovan

By Josh Elliott

NHL Preview 2003-04

Goalie Land Why is the province of Quebec cranking out all the best netminders? Because of two quirky brothers and a hero named Patrick Roy

By Michael Farber

Bienvenue, Monsieur Fleury! Another Quebecois, 18-year-old Marc-Andre Fleury, is set to be the Penguins' savior

By Michael Farber

The Ice Cop Goalies beware! Kris King, the NHL's newest enforcer, is patrolling the league to make sure everyone's equipment conforms to the rules

By Stephen Cannella

Size Matters The NHL is in the Dead Puck Era, and the key cause for the lack of scoring is that today's netminders use such oversized equipment that they blot out the goal. See for yourself

Top 40 Goalies Dominik Hasek is back in net for the Red Wings, but Martin Brodeur of the Cup-champion Devils is rated No. 1 by SI's Pierre McGuire

By Pierre McGuire

Scouting Reports

By Pierre McGuire

1 Ottawa Senators After falling short in the conference finals, a wiser team can finish the job and win the Cup

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

2 Detroit Red Wings Hockeytown is pumped up for the return of Dominik Hasek and for another title run

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

3 New Jersey Devils The defensive-minded defending champions return virtually intact, and that may be enough

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

4 Colorado Avalanche Fortunately, a souped-up offense will boost the scoring because Patrick Roy is gone

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

5 Vancouver Canucks An offensive juggernaut with a heavy Swedish accent is talking of nothing less than the Cup

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

6 Philadelphia Flyers A veteran team of thirtysomethings will be juiced by an influx of twentysomethings

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

7 Dallas Stars Belt-tightening took its toll on defense, but there's still enough firepower to make noise

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

8 St. Louis Blues Led by its veteran defensemen, a frustrated franchise hopes for an injury-free run

By Mark Beech Pierre McGuire

9 Anaheim Mighty Ducks The surprise team of last season is working to keep its place among the league's elite

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

10 Boston Bruins With a locker room out of Friends, the club looks to a new coach for focus and toughness

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

11 Los Angeles Kings Bringing in old favorites may help Ziggy zag, and an exiled Roman will be tested in net

By Brian Cazeneuve Pierre McGuire

12 Minnesota Wild A shocking playoff run last season sets the bar higher for this fourth-year expansion team

By Brian Cazeneuve Pierre McGuire

13 Toronto Maple Leafs An old team with a new G.M. plus a weak defense doesn't add up to a Cup contender

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

14 Edmonton Oilers An improved power play is a must for this team, and it looks like a rookie will lead them

By Andrea Woo Pierre McGuire

15 Tampa Bay Lightning A maturing team on the rise is a few top-notch defenders short of being a Cup contender

By Brian Cazeneuve Pierre McGuire

16 Washington Capitals No longer aspiring to be a high-scoring outfit, this team will try to win with a rebuilt defense

By Pete McEntegart Pierre McGuire

17 San Jose Sharks A dramatic fall in the standings last season has this club cleaning house and starting over

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

18 New York Islanders Mending a dressing room torn by discord is imperative for a team that has playoff talent

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

19 New York Rangers A perpetually underachieving star-studded lineup is beginning the season already in a hole

By Richard Deitsch Pierre McGuire

20 Buffalo Sabres How much can a coaching staff that's long on expertise help a lineup that's short on talent?

By Stephen Cannella Pierre McGuire

21 Carolina Hurricanes An injury-plagued team that went from Cup finalist to league's worst tries to bounce back

By Brian Cazeneuve Pierre McGuire

22 Nashville Predators A country-lovin' defenseman will feel at home, but there'll still be heartaches by the number

By Pete McEntegart Pierre McGuire

23 Montreal Canadiens Will off-the-ice distractions keep goaltender Jose Theodore from returning to MVP form?

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

24 Calgary Flames Don't expect this playoff-starved team to escape the bottom half of the conference

By Michael Farber Pierre McGuire

25 Columbus Blue Jackets A pumped-up young forward and amped-up intensity are steps in the right direction

By Andrea Woo Pierre McGuire

26 Chicago Blackhawks A youth movement should produce better results--just don't expect them this season

By Richard Deitsch Pierre McGuire

27 Florida Panthers Patience--what else?--is the buzzword for a team lacking experience and recent success

By Andrea Woo Pierre McGuire

28 Atlanta Thrashers A deadly car crash takes a heavy toll on a club just starting to show signs of progress

By Mark Beech Pierre McGuire

29 Phoenix Coyotes Managing partner Wayne Gretzky is the only star left in this rebuilding franchise

By Pete McEntegart Pierre McGuire

30 Pittsburgh Penguins Even with Mario Lemieux back, a young and undertalented squad is skating on thin ice

By Mark Beech Pierre McGuire


Inside The Week In Sports

Inside College Football

Auburn Unburdened Now that they're safely out of the national title race, the Tigers are playing the way people expected them to

By Kelley King

Head To Head This Week Texas Tech QB B.J. Symons versus Iowa State SS JaMaine Billups

By Kelley King

Vick Watches As Randall Rolls Virginia Tech QBs

By Gene Menez

Phil Taylor's Sidelines

By Phil Taylor

Inside The NFL

Special Delivery With each scintillating, game-turning kick return, the Chiefs' Dante Hall is making a case for MVP honors

By Peter King

Concussions Slow Romo Romanowski to Retire?

By Peter King

From Eight-Man To the NFL Detroit's New Tight End

By Peter King

Trading E-Mail With.... Up-and-coming Bengals wideout Chad Johnson

By Peter King; Chad Johnson

King's Corner

By Peter King

Packers Show Signs Of Life

By Peter King

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

Inside Soccer

Kicked Out The U.S.'s Greatest Generation, no longer feared, exited the World Cup

By Grant Wahl

Expert Testimony

By Rick Reilly; Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal


Leading Off


Whatever Works

By Steve Rushin

The Lion In Winter Penn State is losing (again) and there's groaning in Happy Valley. Will Joe Paterno go on forever?

By Franz Lidz Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

A Sadness In Atlanta Dan Snyder's tragic death casts a long shadow over the Thrashers' season

By Stephen Canella Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Go Figure

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Welcome To Rush Week After saying that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated by the media because of his color, Rush Limbaugh quickly faded to black

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

For The Record

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Sultan of Seoul

By John O'Keefe Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Q+A Rudy Giuliani

By Rudy Giuliani; Richard Deitsch Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Show

By Bill Scheft Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Sports Beat

Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

The Week Ahead What To Watch And Watch For

By Julia Morrill Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Under Review

By Richard Deitsch Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Faces In The Crowd Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel

Trivial Matters

By David Sabino Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel