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Go Figure

NCAA championships won by Stanford men's tennis coach Dick
Gould, who announced last week that he will retire after this
season, his 38th with the Cardinal.

Amount Eagle County (Colo.) district attorney Mark
Hurlbert has requested for expert witnesses--including a
specialist on strangulation injuries--in the Kobe Bryant sexual
assault trial.

Games in which Peyton Manning of the Colts has had a perfect
quarterback rating of 158.3, more than anyone since the system
was implemented in 1973.

Combined number of NBA starts for Carlos Arroyo, Raul Lopez and
Maurice Williams, the candidates to succeed John Stockton as
Utah's point guard.

Weeks since Florida, which fell out of the Top 25 after
losing to Ole Miss last Saturday, was last unranked.

Total bases for Florida's Dontrelle Willis, who became the
first rookie pitcher to get three hits in a playoff game when the
Marlins beat the Giants 7-6 last Saturday.

Total bases for San Francisco's Barry Bonds in the four-game
divisional series against Florida.