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Trading E-Mail With.... Up-and-coming Bengals wideout Chad Johnson

SI: You seem to talk a lot, on the field and off. Why?

Johnson: I like to make noise, and I like the comments to get
out. It puts pressure on me to practice harder and play at a
higher level.

SI: How much do you trash-talk during games?

Johnson: Never. It's only in pregame. When the corners are doing
their drills before the game, I tell them, "Man, your hips are
too slow," or "That'll never work today." Sometimes they talk
back. Like this year, in the preseason, Detroit safety Corey
Harris came over and said, "Man, who are you? Oh, yeah. You're
Keyshawn Johnson's little cousin."

SI: Most important lesson you've learned from Keyshawn.

Johnson: He tells me, "Stay humble. Work hard." We talk every

SI: You've said that you want to be the best wideout. Who's the

Johnson: So many good ones. I would have to say Little Marvin.
Marvin Harrison. The way he sets up a cornerback is so great to
watch. He can run a curl five different ways, depending on the
technique he gets from a corner. I wish I was in [Colts wideout]
Reggie Wayne's shoes; I'd learn something from Marvin every day.

SI: You admire Jerry Rice, don't you?

Johnson: When we played the Raiders this year I went on the field
early, waiting for him in pregame. I had a list of questions
typed up. I wanted to talk to him, but I never saw him. So at
halftime, I shot off the bench. I got to him and said, "Mr. Rice,
Mr. Rice--is it O.K. when the game's over if I talk to you about
a few things?" He said it was O.K., but I didn't get to see him
after the game. I want to catch up with him. I love his game. He
understands the game like a coach.

SI: Who's the best corner in the NFL?

Johnson: Nobody's stopped me yet. So how do I answer that?