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Trivial Matters

Nothing but Vet

SITE UNSEEN Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium stands empty while
the Eagles play at Lincoln Financial Field and the Phillies
prepare to move into Citizens Bank Park next April. After the
32-year-old stadium's demolition (tentatively scheduled for
February), the site will be used for parking for the entire South
Philadelphia sports complex. What was the land used for before it
became a ballpark?

a. Baker Bowl c. Police shooting range
b. Drive-in theater d. Row houses

TIME-SHARE The Eagles and Phillies were the best known residents
of the Vet; can you name the other pro sports teams who also
called the stadium home?

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP MATCH the person with his Veterans Stadium job.

1. Dan Baker a. Chief architect
2. Ronald Knabb Jr. b. P.A. announcer
3. Seamus McCaffery c. Rowdiness judge
4. Dave Raymond d. Phillie Phanatic

CALL TO ORDER Put these moments in Veterans Stadium history in chronological order.

a. An Eagles-Ravens preseason game is canceled when the turf is
deemed unplayable

b. Dallas's Michael Irvin is booed as he's carried off the field
with career-ending neck injury

c. Ex-cheerleaders file suit against 23 NFL teams for alleged
serial-locker-room peeping

d. Nine fans at an Army-Navy game are injured when they fall
through a faulty railing


SITE UNSEEN: b. The site was previously used as a drive-in movie
theater, which was built on a landfill.

TIME-SHARE: The three other pro sports teams to play home games
at the Vet were the Stars (1983-84 USFL), the Atoms ('73-76 NASL)
and the Fury ('78-80 NASL).

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. d

CALL TO ORDER: d. (Dec. 5, 1998); b. (Oct. 10, '99); c. (suit
filed Aug. 8, 2001); a. (Aug. 13, '01).