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What It Takes For one top ironman, the road to Kona requires peak training and a comfy ride

The 25th Ironman Hawaii will be a crucible for star triathlete
Tim DeBoom. On Oct. 18 DeBoom, 32, of Lyons, Colo., will go for
his third straight title on the coast of Kona. The 5'11",
155-pound ironman won three shorter triathlons earlier this
season but says that for Kona, training is more important than
any tune-ups. Here's a look at DeBoom's gear and his crucial peak


PowerBar ($1.35)
Red Bull ($2)
Revenge Pro ($39)

I'll consume 3,000 calories during the race. Heat in Kona changes
what tastes good and what your body will keep down. These three
keep me going.


Starbucks Caffe Verona ($9.95)

A lot of people think Ironman athletes are weird health freaks. I
eat healthy, but I also think it's O.K. to indulge in coffee. I
drink six cups a day during the winter, and average two cups
during heavy training season. I just love the taste. It adds a
little something to my day.


Trek Equinox ($3,500)

This bike is very similar to Lance Armstrong's time-trial bike
used in the Tour de France. It's light, stiff and built to go
fast. It's also made of carbon fiber, which absorbs road shock.
That's very important because my body won't feel like it's taken
a beating when I start the run. The aerobars are also
custom-built for my abnormally long arms.


Oakley D2 Digital ($120)
Oakley GMT Wristwatch ($575)

I have to be organized from the minute I wake up. I use the D2
for my training runs and bike rides. My GMT shows all the time
zones in the world.





5 A.M. Swim 6,000 yards in two hours at North Boulder Recreation
Center. My hardest set will be 10 100s in 1:10 each.

8 A.M. Snack, PowerBar.

8:30 A.M. Easy 30-minute run along a path called Fruit Loop.

10 A.M. Big breakfast.

11 A.M. Two-hour bike ride around Boulder County, including a
30-minute tempo ride averaging 25 mph.

1 P.M. Lunch.

2 P.M. Get a two-hour deep-tissue massage. This is not some fancy
spa massage. It's not pleasurable.

5 P.M. Dinner.


5 A.M. Swim for 30 minutes in my Endless Pool. It's a
Jacuzzi-sized pool in my basement.

6 A.M. Coffee and a big breakfast.

7:30 A.M. Six-hour bike ride. I'll do some significant climbing
in Estes State Park and Rocky Mountain National Park for my
140-mile ride.

1:30 P.M. From the bike I'll go straight into a 45-minute run at
Hall Ranch in Lyons.

7 P.M. Stretch for an hour.


6 A.M. Coffee and light breakfast.

7 A.M. Ninety-minute trail run in the mountains of Hall Ranch.

9 A.M. Breakfast.

10 A.M. Swim 4,000 yards.

1 P.M. Lunch with my wife, Nicole.

3 P.M. Half-hour easy run.

4 P.M. Free time.


5 A.M. Repeat Monday's workout.

8 A.M. Snack, PowerBar.

8:30 A.M. Easy 30-minute run.

10 A.M. Big breakfast.

11 A.M. Two-hour bike ride.

2 P.M. Two-hour massage.

5 P.M. Dinner.


5 A.M. Swim for an hour.

6 A.M. Coffee and a big breakfast.

7:30 A.M. Five-hour bike ride up to Rocky Mountain National Park.

1:30 P.M. Thirty-minute run.

7 P.M. Stretch for an hour.


7 A.M. Hour run: 15-minute warmup; 30-minute tempo run at 5:30
pace; 15-minute cool down.

1 P.M. Swim 4,000 yards at rec pool in an hour. Hardest set will
be 15 sprints of 40 yards in 30 seconds.

3 P.M. Easy hour bike ride.

4 P.M. Free time and stretching.


6 A.M. Run around Boulder Reservoir for 2 1/2 hours.

9 A.M. Big breakfast.

2 P.M. Two hours (45 miles) of easy riding marks the end of peak