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Q+A Steve Kerr


The five-time NBA champ (three with the Bulls, two with the
Spurs) joins TNT as an analyst with Marv Albert and Mike

SI: When people refer to the Bulls dynasty, why don't they say
Michael, Scottie, Phil and Steve?

Kerr: I prefer Michael, Scottie, Phil and Jud [Buechler].

SI: Can you rule out coming back to play?

Kerr: Let's put it this way: There's not a big market out there
for 38-year-old, slow, white guards coming out of retirement.

SI: If you were his teammate, how would you deal with answering
questions about Kobe Bryant?

Kerr: I would only answer questions that had to do with
basketball as it pertained to the case.

SI: What do you know about your former Spurs teammate Tim Duncan
that would surprise us?

Kerr: Tim is hilarious. People who see him interviewed would
never know, because he's very quiet and not real quotable. He's
not into sharing his personality with the whole world. But in the
locker room he is funny and witty and smart.

SI: Your first adult fight came against Michael Jordan during a
Bulls practice, and you got a black eye. Was it more
Hearns-Hagler or Holmes-Cobb?

Kerr: I was Chuck Wepner. He was Muhammad Ali.

SI: Any chance Michael would consider coming back in the event
Kobe had to leave the Lakers?

Kerr: No way. Michael would never put himself in a position where
people thought he was along for the ride to a championship.

SI: You kept a journal throughout your 15-year NBA career. Would
you ever publish it?

Kerr: It will never be published, I can assure you. It's for my
own enjoyment, so I can remember some of the things that
happened. I don't want any of my former teammates to kill me, so
I'll leave it private.

SI: Say you took the pass from Jordan and rimmed out the famous
14-footer with five seconds left in Game 6 of the '97 Finals.
What are you doing today?

Kerr: I'm shining his shoes.

SI: So, how much of your overall net worth do you owe to Michael?

Kerr: About 92 percent. The other eight percent I owe to Tim
Duncan. --R.D.

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