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How To: Be More Attractive By weighing in at 15 pounds less, ANTOINE WALKER made the Mavs want him more

In his seven NBA seasons with the Celtics, power forward Antoine
Walker endured a 15-win campaign, boos from Boston fans and
public criticism from his coach. But he hit a new low in the
Eastern Conference semifinals last spring, when the Nets' Kenyon
Martin held him to 34.3% shooting in a New Jersey sweep. The
6'9", 245-pound Walker went home to Chicago determined to remake
his body. Says the three-time All-Star, "I wanted to feel quick

Over the summer Walker embarked on a four-hour daily workout
regimen with Michael Jordan's trainer, Tim Grover. Instead of
building up his chest and shoulders like a prototypical power
forward, Walker focused on slimming down so he could better
handle his multiple responsibilities in the Boston offense. He
lost 15 pounds while strengthening his legs with presses and
hours on the treadmill. The Mavericks must have liked the new
look: On Monday they acquired him for 6'11" Raef LaFrentz in a
five-player deal.

At 27, Walker is still young enough to be transformed by his
commitment to conditioning. "Sometimes it takes getting swept,
having an injury, having a bad series for you to get yourself
back right," he says. "I want to be like Karl Malone and Scottie
Pippen: one of those guys who's 36 or 37 and people are asking me
how long I want to keep playing." --I.T.