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Scouting Reports HOW WE RANK THEM


1 SACRAMENTO Kings (1)*
2 SAN ANTONIO Spurs (2)
3 LOS ANGELES Lakers (3)
4 DALLAS Mavericks (5)
5 MINNESOTA Timberwolves (6)
6 PHOENIX Suns (8)
7 HOUSTON Rockets (9)
8 PORTLAND Trail Blazers (12)
9 MEMPHIS Grizzlies (15)
10 SEATTLE SuperSonics (16)
11 GOLDEN STATE Warriors (18)
12 DENVER Nuggets (22)
13 LOS ANGELES Clippers (25)
14 UTAH Jazz (29)


1 NEW JERSEY Nets (4)
2 DETROIT Pistons (7)
3 INDIANA Pacers (10)
4 NEW ORLEANS Hornets (11)
5 ORLANDO Magic (13)
6 PHILADELPHIA 76ers (14)
7 MIAMI Heat (17)
8 CHICAGO Bulls (19)
9 BOSTON Celtics (20)
10 TORONTO Raptors (21)
11 CLEVELAND Cavaliers (23)
12 NEW YORK Knicks (24)
13 WASHINGTON Wizards (26)
14 ATLANTA Hawks (27)
15 MILWAUKEE Bucks (28)

Nets OVER Pistons

Kings OVER Lakers

Kings OVER Nets

*League ranking, 1 to 29

PLAYER VALUE RANKINGS (PVR): We ranked the NBA's players from 1
(the best) to 400 based largely on our projections of their
statistical production this season as well as other factors
related to past performance and potential. The categories
considered were points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots,
field goal percentage, free throws made and three-pointers made.
We also took into account each player's career stats as well as
his role on the team, his prospects for improving or declining,
his injury history and his physical condition. Using these
criteria, we determined each player's PVR, which appears next to
his name in his team's projected lineup.
NBA scores and stats, complete PVR listings, and news and
analysis from Jack McCallum and Marty Burns, at

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN W. MCDONOUGH WEBB SIGHT With a healthy Chris Webber, the Kings will beat theNets' Kenyon Martin (center) and Aaron Williams for their firstNBA title.