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I Do, I Don't.... I Do, I Don't....

JUNE 28, 1987 Daly, 21, meets Dale Crafton (right), 23, a hand

DEC. 26, 1987 Following a grandiose wedding, Daly says,
"[Crafton] was like, 'You ain't getting no more sex.'"

FEB. 15, 1990 Daly's divorce from Crafton is finalized as he
plays in South Africa.

APRIL 25, 1990 Daly meets Bettye Fulford, a hotel convention
sales exec. She tells him she is 29 and divorced.

AUG. 8, 1991 Daly wins PGA Championship. Acquaintances of Fulford
call his friends to say she's 39, married and has a 13-year-old

DEC. 23, 1991 Daly and Fulford split up. She announces that she's

JAN. 13, 1992 Daly begins seeing Paulette Dean, a 20-year-old

APRIL 7, 1992 Fulford files palimony and paternity suits against
Daly. Six days later they reconcile, and she drops suits.

MAY 8, 1992 Daly and Fulford (right) are married, four months
after she is divorced.

JUNE 10, 1992 Fulford delivers a six-pound girl, Shynah Hale

DEC. 19, 1992 During a party at their house in Colorado, Daly and
Fulford argue, and he pushes her against a wall and pulls her
hair, according to police.

DEC. 23, 1992 Daly is arrested for third-degree assault and posts
$1,000 bail.

JANUARY 1993 Pressured by Tour chief Deane Beman, Daly enters
Sierra Tucson, an addiction treatment center, for 30 days.

MAY 25, 1993 Daly pleads guilty to misdemeanor harassment in
Colorado case and is sentenced to two years' probation and
completion of a domestic-violence program.

JULY 18, 1993 Daly files for divorce from Fulford.

LATE JULY 1993 Daly calls Paulette Dean, and she flies to meet
him in Memphis.

NOV. 5, 1993 At the Kapalua International in Hawaii, Daly picks
up on the 11th green without holing out and tees off on 12, an
automatic disqualification. Beman suspends him indefinitely. He
won't return to the Tour until March.

AUG. 28, 1994 Daly gets into a wrestling match with the father of
fellow pro Jeff Roth at the NEC World Series of Golf, after Daly
drives two greens while Roth, in the group ahead, is still

SEPT. 16, 1994 Facing his second Tour suspension in two years as
a result of the Roth altercation, Daly volunteers to take off the
rest of the season.

SEPT. 30, 1994 Reebok suspends its $400,000-a-year contract with

OCT. 5, 1994 Wilson Golf suspends its 10-year, $30 million deal
with Daly.

JANUARY 1995 Daly's divorce from Fulford is made final.

JAN. 28, 1995 Daly and Dean (right) marry. She is pregnant.

JUNE 1, 1995 Sierra Lynn Daly is born.

JULY 23, 1995 Daly wins his second major, the British Open.

MARCH 27, 1997 Daly goes on a 14-hour bender in Jacksonville,
argues with Paulette and does $1,000 worth of damage to their
hotel suite. Six security people subdue Daly and, after he
complains of chest pains, take him on a stretcher to the

MARCH 31, 1997 Daly checks into the Betty Ford Clinic in

APRIL 8, 1997 Dean files for divorce.

APRIL 28, 1997 Wilson Golf terminates its contract with Daly.

MAY 20, 1997 Daly and Callaway sign a four-year, $3 million deal
that prohibits him from gambling or drinking alcohol.

MAY 11, 1998 Dean reconciles with Daly--on one condition: No

OCT. 27, 1998 Daly meets Shanae Chandler, 22, a journalism

OCT. 31, 1998 Chandler, also a recovering addict, drops out of
the University of Texas to live with Daly in Palm Springs.

JAN. 13, 1999 Dean refiles for divorce.

JUNE 12, 1999 Daly ends 26 months of sobriety by drinking a
12-pack of beer.

AUG. 7, 1999 Daly pops the question--and gives Chandler (right) a
five-carat ring.

AUG. 20, 1999 Daly's divorce from Dean is made final.

SEPT. 13, 1999 Daly effectively ends his association with
Callaway when he refuses to work with the company's alcohol and
gambling rehab specialist.

APRIL 11, 2000 Daly and Chandler argue outside a McDonald's in
Alabama. Police arrive to find Daly hurling her clothes out of
their van.

JUNE 7, 2001 Daly meets Sherrie Miller, a 25-year-old car
saleswoman from Memphis with a one-year-old son, Austin.

JUNE 26, 2001 Daly calls Chandler to end their relationship.

JULY 29, 2001 Daly and Miller (right) are married in Las Vegas.

JULY 23, 2003 John P. Daly II is born.

--Yi-Wyn Yen