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Scout's Take


On Cavs rookie LeBron James, who in his first three games
averaged 18.0 points, 7.3 rebounds and 7.7 assists:

"I can't remember another kid coming into the league who could
help his team in so many ways. He could average 20 points, 12
rebounds and 10 assists some day. He can fly and dunk, yet he's
not a hot dog who will go for the flashy play and risk making a
mistake. Against the Blazers [a 104-85 Cleveland loss last
Saturday in which James scored eight points] he looked like an
18-year-old playing his third game on the road in four nights,
but even though he was tired, he didn't lose his composure. The
one thing I'll tell our guys is to pressure him full-court
because he's not a terrific ball handler--or a terrific shooter,