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Around The Rim

While Rudy Tomjanovich was undergoing treatment for bladder
cancer last summer, three teams approached him about coaching
jobs, and the Trail Blazers asked if he wanted to be their G.M.
Though doctors say Tomjanovich, 55, is cancer-free, he insists he
will spend this season as a personnel consultant with the Rockets
before deciding whether to return to a more prominent--and
stressful--role.... No Bull spends more time conferring with Bill
Cartwright during dead-ball situations than Scottie Pippen, who
admits he is demonstrating his support for the embattled coach.
Pippen backs Cartwright's controversial move to replace Jamal
Crawford at the point with rookie Kirk Hinrich: "Kirk is doing
what Bill wants, with his defense and his ability to push the
ball and organize his teammates. No one should question Bill's
decision." ...After starting his first two years for Isiah
Thomas in Indiana, point guard Jamaal Tinsley went five straight
games without playing for Rick Carlisle, who prefers Kenny
Anderson and Anthony Johnson because they're less likely to turn
the ball over. "Jamaal's our most talented point guard, but I
don't know if his style clicks with this offense," says All-Star
Jermaine O'Neal. "But then my style doesn't really click with
this offense."