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QB Wants To Play Two Years Doug Flutie's Future

Although his brother Darren wants him to go back to the Canadian
Football League to finish his career, Doug Flutie, a six-time
winner of the CFL's Most Outstanding Player award, said on Sunday
he wants to stay in the NFL. "I see myself playing two more years
in San Diego, at least until my daughter [Alexa] graduates from
high school," Flutie, 41, said after his second start of the
year, a game in which he completed 9 of 25 passes for 70 yards
against Denver. "Age isn't a factor. My athleticism is better
than a lot of the guys I'm playing with."

On Nov. 9 he replaced the ineffective Drew Brees as starter and
led San Diego to a 42-28 win over the Vikings. Chargers general
manager A.J. Smith says he wants Flutie back in 2004. But if the
debacle that is San Diego's 2-8 season continues, who knows if
Smith or coach Marty Schottenheimer will return? It's more likely
that Smith, who inherited the job after John Butler died of
lymphoma last spring, will get one more year to turn it around.