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Trading E-Mail With... Rams wideout Torry Holt, the NFL's leader in receptions

SI: In five seasons you've never missed a game because of injury.
How do you do it?

Holt: I train very hard in the off-season, and then twice as hard
during the season to keep up my strength and speed. I also do a
great deal of stretching. But the Number 1 reason is God's

SI: Why do you always look happy, on and off the field?

Holt: I have a great passion for life. My mother, Ojetta, died at
43, and that taught me to enjoy life to the fullest every day.
Also, I'm playing the game I love.

SI: Who's the most challenging corner you face?

Holt: [Detroit's] Otis Smith sticks out the most. He's played the
game a long time and has great technique.

SI: Greatest day of your life?

Holt: I have several--the day I got my SAT scores; at N.C. State,
the day we beat Florida State; winning the Super Bowl; seeing my
brother, Terrence, get drafted by the Lions last April.

SI: Do you like being famous?

Holt: If you're considered great, you can't dodge fame. But you
can control how you handle it. Stay humble and stick to what got
you that fame: hard work and discipline.

SI: Your perfect day off?

Holt: Sleep till noon. Chill with family. Finish the day