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Trading E-Mail With ... Jaguars QB Mark Brunell, who lost his job to rookie Byron Leftwich after having surgery to reduce swelling in his throwing elbow


SI: How's your health?

Brunell: The elbow is healing; it just takes time. I feel great.

SI: You've been so closely identified with the Jacksonville
Jaguars. What's it like to watch another quarterback take over
the team?

Brunell: You know the day will come, but you're never ready for
it. It's hard to not be competing alongside my teammates, but
Byron has been great since the day he got here. We have gotten
along real well. He's respectful. He wants to do things the right

SI: Ever lie in bed at night and think, Why me?

Brunell: No, I've been very blessed, and I understand this
business. Nine years as the quarterback for one team is a long
run. That doesn't happen a lot anymore, so I have a lot to be
thankful for.

SI: What's the highlight of your career with the Jaguars?

Brunell: Our playoff win at Denver in 1996, upsetting the Broncos
against all odds. That was a day to remember.

SI: Will you start in this league again?

Brunell: Definitely. There's still a Super Bowl out there for me.

SI: How much longer will you play?

Brunell: I think I have several more years left.

SI: What's the biggest difference between life in the spotlight
and life in the shadows?

Brunell: The number of interviews.

SI: Favorite TV show.

Brunell: Anything on The History Channel.

SI: You're NFL commissioner for a day. What's the first thing you do?

Brunell: Create some form of lifetime health benefits for players
and their families.