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Scout's Take

On the surprising Bucks, who were 8-8 at week's end after being
largely dismissed as a playoff contender:

"Over the last two years they've basically given away Ray Allen,
Sam Cassell, Gary Payton and Glenn Robinson--yet they're still
deeper offensively than a lot of teams in the East. Michael Redd
is almost an All-Star, a shooting guard who can stretch defenses
and doesn't force shots. He and Tim Thomas are running to keep up
with rookie point guard T.J. Ford. There's scoring off the bench
with Desmond Mason and Toni Kukoc, and they're defending better
because coach Terry Porter plays straight man-to-man. That's a
big change from the gimmick defenses of George Karl, which
allowed a bad defender to claim that it wasn't his fault when he
missed a trap or rotation."