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Trading E-Mail With... Chiefs kicker Morten Andersen, 43, who hopes to be playing at 50

SI: Growing up in Denmark, did you ever kick a football?

Andersen: I never kicked a football until I came to this country
in 1977 as an exchange student, at Ben Davis High in
Indianapolis, for my senior year.

SI: How do you say, "Morten Andersen is the best kicker in NFL
history," in Danish?

Andersen: Morten Andersen er den bedste sparket I NFL historien.

SI: What did you think the first time you kicked a football?

Andersen: I thought the ball was weird. I didn't know what to
expect. I was used to kicking round balls [as a soccer player] in

SI: You kicked your 500th NFL field goal on Nov. 23, only the
second player in history to do that [along with Gary Anderson].
How did you last long enough to kick 500 field goals?

Andersen: Consistency. Preparation. Hard work. You've got to have
a plan, have goals and have good people around you.

SI: You played for the Saints as long as anyone in franchise
history--13 years--yet you last wore their uniform nine years
ago. That says something for your longevity.

Andersen: I feel my career has been three entities--one with the
Saints, one with the Falcons and a third sort of career with the
Giants and the Chiefs.

SI: No one has played past the age of 48 in the NFL. What makes
you think you can kick in 2010, at 50?

Andersen: Because I stay in good shape. I can still kick. Nobody
is guaranteed tomorrow, but why not have goals that are cool and

SI: Where will you be on the opening Sunday of the 2010 season?

Andersen: I'll be stretching and getting ready to kick in an NFL