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Three Pointer


1. Kansas must learn how to beat a zone. Number 21 Stanford
knocked off the top-ranked Jayhawks 64-58 last Saturday by
packing in a 2-3 zone, which neutralized Wayne Simien (two field
goals) on the baseline and exposed Kansas' perimeter weaknesses.
(The Jayhawks shot 3 for 20 from three-point range.)

2. The ACC beat up on the Big Ten last week, but an ACC/Big 12
showdown is what we'd really like to see. The ACC won seven of
nine in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and was 45-6 at week's end, but
the Big 12, with four teams in the nation's top 11, would give
the ACC a better test.

3. Isaiah Fox's season-ending knee injury has doomed Arizona's
title hopes. Just as Sean May's broken foot sabotaged North
Carolina last year, the loss of the 6'9" junior kills the
Wildcats, who now have just seven scholarship players.