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CHRISTOPHER REEVE hasn't let the riding accident that left him
paralyzed eight years ago diminish his love for horses. He
frequently travels from his home in Westchester County, N.Y.--he
lives amidst stables and riding tracks--to watch his daughter,
Alexandra, play for the Yale polo team in New Haven, Conn.
Alexandra, a 6'1" junior who has done a bit of modeling, is the
team's captain. "She's not only a good leader, but she's also a
good rider," says Reeve, who runs the Christopher Reeve Paralysis
Foundation. "I say that unapologetically because I taught her to
ride when she was younger. I'm very proud of the fact that she's
continued, because she loves it so much."

--As he ponders a possible return to baseball (page 66), Roger
Clemens also ponders this question: What happens to the brand-new
Hummer he was given by the Yankees in October as a goodbye gift?
Last week, after his ex-Yankees teammate Andy Pettitte signed
with the Astros and Texas-native Clemens felt himself tugged in
the direction of Minute Maid Park, the Rocket worried he would be
obligated to give the car back if he came out of retirement.
Enter Rog and Dean, morning deejays for Houston's KKRW-FM. They
persuaded a local Hummer dealer to replace the vehicle--in burnt
orange, the color of Clemens's alma mater, Texas--if he'd sign
with the Astros. Rog and Dean then showed up at Clemens's door
and told him that he could have the car if he signed by Monday.
Clemens let the deadline pass but hadn't ruled out the move,
saying of the attention he's receiving, "This definitely has put
a different spin on things."

--Bend It Like Beckham might be heading for the stage. The movie's
director, Gurinder Chadha, and producer Deepak Nayar are raising
money for a musical version of the surprisingly successful story
of an Indian girl in London who wants to play professional
soccer. Keira Knightley and Parminder Nagra, the film's stars,
are not expected to reprise their roles in the play, which could
open in London next year.

--Timberwolves swingman Wally Szczerbiak played Mr. Manners to a
group of 25 middle schoolers in Minneapolis last week. In a
session on table manners set up at Morton's of Chicago to reward
good students, Szczerbiak, 26, who has been on the injured list
all year with a foot problem, taught the kids things like napkin
etiquette. "It goes in your lap, not your collar," Szczerbiak
explained, "unless you're eating a lobster or something." ... The
Marlins' 21-year-old pitcher, Dontrelle Willis, opened the NASDAQ
last Friday. After ringing the bell, he went on CNBC, where he
was asked about his investing strategy. "I know nothing about
it," he said. "Save your money.... All this here is new to me."
... The Farrelly Brothers' latest movie, Stuck on You, features
several jocks in cameos. Patriots receiver Troy Brown plays PGA
pro Jesper Parnevik's caddie, while teammates Tom Brady and
Lawyer Milloy have slightly less glamorous roles: They play
Computer Geek No. 1 and Computer Geek No. 2. Sergio Garcia and
Billy Andrade also appear, as themselves.... Among the assets
claimed by former minor leaguer Pete Rose Jr., who recently filed
for bankruptcy, is a ball autographed by his father. Its value
was listed at $75.


COLOR PHOTO: FRANCO ORIGLIA/GETTY IMAGES (CAR) PICTURE THIS Last week Maurizio Cheli did what no Formula One driver has done in years. He came out ahead of Michael Schumacher. O.K., he used a Eurofighter Typhoon, but still. Cheli's jet beat Schumacher's Ferrari at 900 and 1,200 meters on an Italian runway. (Schumacher won at 600 meters.) Said Cheli, who is probably not married, "Everyone is a prince or king in his own environment."


Joe Theismann and Lawrence Taylor are selling autographed photos
of Taylor snapping Theismann's shinbone in a 1985 game.

Saints coach, on receiver Joe Horn (left), who has been penalized
for behavior such as Sunday's incident in which he called his
mother from the end zone on his cellphone. "He'll learn. He's
only 32."